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KreteTek Industries reduces environmental impact of its Ghostshield formulas

Published Sunday 10th of May 2015 // Updated Friday 21st of April 2017

Tags: concentrated, environment, sustainability

Kretetek Industries, the leader in concrete protection through advances in molecular nanotechnology, has launched its first ultra concentrated version of its signature formulas -- Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8500 and Siloxa-Tek 8505 Oil Repellent, the highest performing sealers in their category in the industry. These formulas already had an unrivaled industry-first 100-year warranty, but Kretetek has managed to improve them nonetheles

"We believe in playing our part in reducing environmental impact," said Brian Iske, one of the company's principals. "It makes business sense to cut cost through reducing packaging materials while increasing manufacturing efficiencies to appeal to more consumers with a sustainable brand.

KreteTek Industries is doing its part to reduce its environmental impact and as an option to consumers who wish to join its efforts, one gallon of Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek Ultra Concentrate will now make 5 gallons of sealer, equating to 80 percent less packaging, 50 percent less transportation cost and 80 percent less empty container waste, making the Ghostshield formulas extremely sustainable.

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