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Decorative Sealers

If you take a moment to look around and focus on exterior construction you will begin to realize the beautiful nature of concrete. Concrete, once known for its gray, dull unsightly appearance, is now... Read More

Acrylic Sealer for Concrete

Acrylic sealers are surface level sealers designed to bond to the surface of a concrete substrate to offer a comprehensive layer of protection. These sealers are not necessarily the best choice for... Read More

Decorative Concrete Sealer Fixes

Problem: Concrete Sealer BlushingFix: Concrete Sealer Blushing also known as whitening is a common problems when applying a decorative solvent based acrylic sealer. Blushing usually occurs when a... Read More

Choosing a Concrete Sealer for Driveways

When it comes to sealing a driveway there are a few sealers to choose from depending on the desired finish. If you are looking to protect your driveway from common aliments such as mold, mildew,... Read More

Best Sealer for Colored Concrete

While concretes natural gray exterior can leave something to be desired for the eye wanting a wider aesthetic appeal, its structural benefits and natural strength and longevity cannot be ignored or... Read More

Driveway Paver Sealer

Pavers are, in fact, a type of concrete that is used primarily in warmer climates, such as in California or Florida. This type of concrete is somewhat more delicate and prone to extreme damage in... Read More

Best Wet Look Sealer

One of the most desired concrete finishes is a wet look. A wet look sealer is an excellent choice for decorative concrete, stamped concrete and colored concrete since it enhances and beautifies. So... Read More

Concrete Sealer Reviews

With the abundant and vast varieties of concrete sealers on the market, how do you know which sealer is going to be best for a particular application? We review the different categories of sealers and... Read More

Wet Look Sealer

When looking for a 'wet look sealer' you are essentially looking for a high gloss finish that will enhance and beautify the colors of the concrete. Wet looks sealers are usually of the acrylic variety... Read More

How to Prevent Concrete Floor Dusting

Concrete dusting is an awfully unattractive and unappealing situation that can plague concrete floors, on occasion. While it is not an indicator of failing structural strength or an impaired or... Read More