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Best Basement Waterproofing Sealer

While concrete may seem like an extremely strong building material, it is naturally porous and prone to water absorption. Beginning on the surface, concrete is filled with tiny pores and hairline... Read More

How to Prevent Concrete from Cracking

Concrete, although it seems like a dense, hard, unbreakable material, it is prone to cracking and degradation. Cracks can occur in spite of any precautions taken. Before concrete hardens when it is... Read More

Polished Concrete Sealer

Concrete, while strong and a great choice for many building and aesthetic projects, can often be drab and gray, lacking any visual appeal. While this is not a problem for, say, a basement, if you own... Read More

Decorative Sealers

If you take a moment to look around and focus on exterior construction you will begin to realize the beautiful nature of concrete. Concrete, once known for its gray, dull unsightly appearance, is now... Read More

Concrete Sealer Reviews

With the abundant and vast varieties of concrete sealers on the market, how do you know which sealer is going to be best for a particular application? We review the different categories of sealers and... Read More

Basement Waterproofing

Nothing is worse than walking down into a basement to find the walls or the carpets wet. Basements are prone to flooding since they are the lowest level of a building built in close proximity to the... Read More

Basement Waterproofing Sealer

There are a few reasons why you want to seize the moment and seal your basement before winter. If you live in an area where it snows in the winter it is especially imperative that you continue reading... Read More

How to Prevent Concrete Sweating

Have you ever experienced the phenomena of concrete sweating? Concrete sweating is often times mistaken for a water problem since it is common to see a condensation effect on the surface of the slab.... Read More

How to Stop Concrete Sweating

Lithi-Tek 4500 primer and Siloxa-Tek 8510 topcoat are the perfect products to use on a concrete floor that has excessive sweating issues. Concrete sweating usually occurs when the warm air comes... Read More

Basement Sealers

Because of their close proximity to the water table, basements are most susceptible to water, mold, mildew, hydrostatic pressure and radon. When it comes to sealing a basement there are a few... Read More