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Water Repellent Sealer vs Concrete Restoration

Architects and engineers are currently rediscovering reinforced concrete and its no wonder, since virtually no other construction material offers so many possibilities. However, concrete and steel are... Read More

Water Based Water Repellents

Silane, siloxane, and siliconate based water repellents have been used for decades to protect buildings against moisture and consequent physical, chemical and biological deterioration. These silicone... Read More

Ghostshield Concrete Sealers

Because of the extremely porous nature of concrete, it is exposed and susceptible to harmful substances that penetrate by means of moisture. By creating a water-repellent zone and using a Ghostshield... Read More

Concrete Sealer Reviews

With the abundant and vast varieties of concrete sealers on the market, how do you know which sealer is going to be best for a particular application? We review the different categories of sealers and... Read More

Concrete Water Sealers

In order to seal concrete from the ever pestilent water problem you need to seal the slab from the inside out. By using Lithi-Tek 9500, a densifier, waterproofer and sealer, concrete is permanently... Read More

Brick Sealer

Bricks, the ever popular building material especially prominent in northern areas of the country are at risk for numerous efflorescence, mold, mildew and water issues. Usually composed of clay with... Read More

Concrete Roof Tile Sealer

The roof of a house is probably the most important element to any shelter; its not for nothing that the phrase is a roof over ones head. In spite of the shared wisdom and obviousness of this fact,... Read More

How to Reduce Hydrostatic Pressure

One of the greatest fears any home or building owner has, likely, on a daily basis, is a fear of a flooded home. Not only would the costs and headaches to clean up the water be tremendous, the... Read More

How to Seal Concrete Before Installing Carpet

While you may not want concrete floors in your home or your business, most buildings are currently constructed with concrete floors. This does not mean, however, that they have to stay. Whether you... Read More

Best Sealer for an Outdoor Fireplace

One of the biggest benefits to concrete is its typical lack of flammability. While it can catch on fire in special circumstances, it is not as susceptible to flames as a substance like wood or vinyl,... Read More