Article Topic: Durable Coating

Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete coatings typically fail due to inadequate surface penetration or moisture. In order for a coating to properly adhere, the concrete surface must be free of surface defects, clean, sound and... Read More

Warehouse Sealer

Warehouses are areas that experience frequent and high-level traffic. This traffic can be foot traffic, as well as traffic from the tires of cars or equipment. Warehouses also have the risk of falling... Read More

Kennel Concrete Sealer

If you've ever been in a kennel, or even used one to house your animals, you know the unpleasant smell that can plague some of establishments that arent as clean. Sometimes, it is not even a black... Read More

Sealer for Garage Floor

Your garage floor is likely made of concrete, which has the distinction of being incredibly durable. However, it is also a material made up of crushed stone, cement, water, and air, all of which have... Read More

Epoxy Concrete Sealer

If you have a project that involves a concrete surface and needs a concrete sealer, there are a number of different options available to you. Epoxies are the sealer of choice for a number of high... Read More

Garage Floor Sealer

Garage floors are one of the most important and understated parts of our homes. While we tend to think of the concrete of our foundations and our basements as being important, the garage floor can... Read More

Concrete Garage Sealers

Garages are one of the most multifunctional spaces of a home. From housing cars, to being used as a storage unit, garage floors need to be able to withstand a multitude of fluids, abrasions and even... Read More

Best Sealer for Hot Tire Pickup

Much has been said about hot tire pickup and the damage it causes to concrete garages, driveways and parking lots. What is hot tire pick up? Hot tire pickup occurs after hot tires cool down and sink... Read More

Urethane Coatings

Urethane coatings are by far one of the most chemically resistant sealers protecting indoor and outdoor areas with high risks of exposure to chemical spills and fuel. Urethanes are commonly used in... Read More

Concrete Coatings

What is the difference between concrete sealers and concrete coatings? A sealer is usually classified as a penetrating solution that will lock out moisture, mold, mildew and efflorescence leaving a... Read More