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Iso-Tek 8501

Developed exclusively for high-density architecturally reinforced concrete, Ghostshield’s Iso-Tek 8501 is the latest breakthrough in nanoparticle technology. It's the only sealer on the market capable of impregnating concrete to depths of penetration previously unattainable.

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The Only Choice

Standing at 1,397’, 432 Park Avenue is currently the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere. It is truly a spectacular feat of design, engineering and construction. The sheer size of the tower required over 70,000 cubic yards of concrete and 12,500 tons of rebar. Iso-Tek 8501 was the only sealer capable of sealing the superstructure.

Penetrates 18,000 PSI Concrete

Ghostshield’s Iso-Tek 8501 is the deepest penetrating concrete sealer on the market and the only clear sealant capable of penetrating beyond one inch into the high-density 14,000 PSI architecturally reinforced concrete columns & spandrels of the super structure at 432 Park Ave in midtown Manhattan (pictured).

Resist Carbonization

Iso-Tek 8501 is an aqueous, solvent-less, silane-based water repellent. It dries completely clear, does not darken concrete, reduces oxidization, inhibits rust, and dramatically reduces ingress of chloride-ions and acidic gases in structurally reinforced concrete.

Iso-Tek Advantages

Bridges Cracks

capable of sealing and bridging a crack up to 0.3 mm in diameter


can be applied without loss of material allowing for targeted consumption


nanotechnology driven formula, out performs all rival product classes on the market