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Let It Go, You Used Ghostshield

It is 7:00 am on a Sunday morning and you are still in bed. You cannot for the life of you remember the last time you were able to stay in your Sealy Optimum Elation King sized bed this late. It was probably sometime before Olivia and Olive the four-year-old menaces twins were born. You begin to fall back to sleep thinking this must be a gift from the universe for surviving the last four years but then it hits you. Your Mom-dar kicks in and you realize something is terribly, terribly wrong. It’s way too quiet. What were you thinking drifting back into Stage 2 Non-REM! You jump out of bed (sore as heck from that goat yoga class your co-worker told you about that you thought would be a good workout to lose some of those last few stubborn “baby weight pounds”.) As you walk down the hall to go check on the little angels you realize their door is open and they are nowhere in sight. And there go your hopes of getting back into bed - as if that was ever really an option to begin with. As you walk downstairs to see what you are in for you realize it is awfully quiet, maybe they are just reading a book…thought no mom ever. As you turn the corner you are stopped dead in your tracks. Somehow, unbeknownst to you, Olive, the Houdini of the family, found a way up onto the countertops – yes, the concrete countertops you just had to have because that’s what Joanna Gaines has - her perfect children would never do this. (Author’s disclosure: let’s be real that’s totally not the first thought that popped into your head - you were first and foremost worried about their safety.) At least your parenting isn’t a complete fail, Olive is turning into quite the little gentleman since he seemed to have helped his sister up onto the countertops with him – those expensive gymnastic lessons finally seem to be paying off. Your mind flashes back to last night, your husband was dying for Tequila Lime Flank Steak Fajitas. Being the best wife ever, with nothing but free time on your hands, you follow the Pinterest recipe (why do recipes always look so much better on Pinterest then when you attempt to make them?) After dinner while you were bathing the kids, brushing their teeth, putting them to bed and essentially being super mom your husband somehow ‘forgot’ to put the Tabasco sauce back into the cabinet (even though, for the record, it was the one thing you asked him to do.) Coming back down to reality you can’t help but notice how Tabasco sauce has ended up all over the naturally porous concrete countertops, as if the children became inspired after watching a Jackson Pollock documentary. Tabasco sauce - everywhere. As your blood pressure starts to rise you take a deep breath (you’re a new age progressive parent, you don’t yell). And in that moment, you decide to listen to your overpriced therapist – you let it go because it is out of your control. Well, let’s be honest, you really decide to let it go because you used Ghostshield Countertop Sealer 880. The highest performing stain repellent concrete countertop sealer on the market. Water, foods and Tabasco sauce stains have (and will leave) nothing on your concrete countertops.

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Why Ghostshield?

Published Monday 20th of August 2018 // Updated Thursday 27th of July 2017

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