Silane-Siloxane Concrete Sealers

Silane-Siloxane concrete sealers are water repellent sealers made up of a formulation of silane and siloxane. When blended together they are a power team causing water to bead off the surface with long lasting results.

shield-bullet Product recommendation: The best silane/siloxane concrete sealer to use is the SILOXA-TEK 8510.

shield-bullet Benefits: Benefits include protection from salts, water, efflorescence, mold, mildew, freeze-thaw cycles and staining from oils and greases. They are extremely versitile products able to protect brick, masonry, stone, concrete blocks, pavers, stucco, tile, sandstone and slate.

shield-bulletCoverage: Up to 300 square feet per gallon. Two coats are recommended and the listed coverage is per coat.

shield-bullet Finish: Siloxa-Tek 8510 concrete sealer leaves a clear, natural finish.

shield-bullet Availability: Siloxa-Tek 8510 is available in one gallon or five gallon containers.

shield-bullet Tip: Apply two coats wet-one-wet. This means the second coat is applied right after the first coat or within five minutes of applying the first coat.

shield-bullet Why Ghostshield: The Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek products work better and last longer than conventional sealers because they contain a unique blend of compounds that impregnate concrete below the surface. This reaction forms an insoluble, water-repellent barrier within the surface that cannot wear away, fade, yellow, crack or peel. They all resist freeze-thaw damage and deicing salts. All the Siloxa-Tek products are high actives with the 8505 and 8510 offering staining protection. The Siloxa-Tek 8500 and 8505 are water based while the 8510 is solvent based.

Siloxa-Tek 8510

Penetrating water & oil repel

Siloxa-Tek 8505

Penetrating water & oil repel

Siloxa-Tek 8500

Penetrating water & salt repel

Published Sunday 24th of November 2013 // Updated Monday 6th of August 2018

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