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Siloxa-Tek 8510 vs. Oscar Mayer

Ah, the weekend…

Finally time to kick back and relax, or get to something on that honey-do-list your lovely wife’s composed for you, like: finish the balusters and railings on that deck you built with your “gym buddy” who remarkably somehow convinced you that he possessed the required skill-set in-between your set of squats. Had you known, his only real carpentry experience was a bird house he built back in shop class you would have politely declined and went with that guy your wife's friend recommended "who did a great job.” Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, isn’t it.

Well, at last you've finished the deck, finished the lawn, and even found time to prune the lilacs and mulch the garden beds. Basking in your accomplishment (hands on you hip) you briefly smile and exhale a deep sigh of relief, but like your favorite greek yogurt, your satisfaction has an expiration date. You've suddenly realized your concrete is looking a little dismal and is now stealing the glory of your days worth of hard labor. As you gaze down upon your concrete patio, you squint, and upon closer inspection you can't help but notice a 6" Oscar Mayer Premium Beef Wiener impression from that run-away-dog that out of sheer desperation rolled off your plate in a last minute attempt to escape. Eventually meeting it’s demise after bouncing on the concrete and finding temporary shelter near the wheel of your grill before getting scoffed up by your Cocker Spaniel Bella.

Realizing your not done. It’s time to get the pressure washer out and after spending the last few hours of your weekend wrestling with all the hoses like the Mighty Kracken itself, your finally done. The concrete is clean, and all looks right with the world. Now, how do you keep it that way?

Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8510 is the solution. A deep penetrating, high performance concrete sealer with intelligent nano particles that migrate deep into the concrete. Protecting the concrete from the inside out, while stain and oil resistant fluoropolymer technology protects the surface, ensuring your concrete looks as good as the day it was poured for years to come.

Why Ghostshield?

Siloxa-Tek 8510

Penetrating water & oil repel

Published Monday 20th of August 2018 // Updated Wednesday 26th of July 2017

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