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How to Repair Concrete Sealer Blushing

Acrylic sealers are known for their beautiful decorative finishes but also their short life span and numerous problems such as blushing and bubbling. What is the cause of concrete sealer bubbling and... Read More

How to Remove a Concrete Sealer

One of the most popular questions we are asked is how to remove an acrylic concrete sealer that was previously used. In order to accurately answer this question you need to determine the type of... Read More

Choosing a Concrete Sealer for Driveways

When it comes to sealing a driveway there are a few sealers to choose from depending on the desired finish. If you are looking to protect your driveway from common aliments such as mold, mildew,... Read More

Brick House Sealer

Many people often do not realize that bricks are actually a form of concrete. However, unlike those tough, gray surfaces that usually come to mind when we think of concrete, brick is a more porous,... Read More

Concrete Sealer for a Highway

In order for highways to remain as strong and reliable as possible, they need to be taken care of. By using a quality concrete sealing product you are able to protect them from the elements,... Read More

Concrete Sealer for Bridges

Bridges are crucial to the continued day-to-day functioning of the United States. Bridges are incredibly important to the infrastructure of the United States, and they are slowly crumbling due to the... Read More

Best Silane Siloxane Sealer

With numerous choices facing anyone who wishes to purchase a concrete sealer, it is imperative that you narrow down your choices by general type of sealer. For many applications, silane/siloxane... Read More

Kennel Concrete Sealer

If you've ever been in a kennel, or even used one to house your animals, you know the unpleasant smell that can plague some of establishments that arent as clean. Sometimes, it is not even a black... Read More

Best Sealer for Colored Concrete

While concretes natural gray exterior can leave something to be desired for the eye wanting a wider aesthetic appeal, its structural benefits and natural strength and longevity cannot be ignored or... Read More

Parking Garage Concrete Sealer

Parking garages are one of the best business investments, especially in a city near a sports complex or a concert hall. As parking in cities can be nearly impossible to find, parking garages make a... Read More