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Orlando Sanford International Airport Specifies Siloxa-Tek 8500 for Parking Deck Repairs

Property managers of the Orlando Sanford International Airport were experiencing water intrusion on the top deck of the main parking garage. Water was leaking down through the concrete onto the decks... Read More

Q.  I read online that a primer is recommended before applying a sealer. Why do I need a primer and which primer should I use?

A. We highly recommend applying a densifying primer before using a sealer. Concrete densifiers are penetrating, chemically reactive products. They react with calcium hydroxide, a byproduct of cement... Read More

Q: The instructions say the second coat needs to be applied within 10 minutes (wet-on-wet), will I be able to walk on the 1st coat or should I avoid walking on it? 

A: A wet-on-wet application method is recommended when applying penetrating products in order to drive penetration and get the substrate to absorb as much sealer as possible. This wet-on-wet... Read More

3 Different Ways to Protect your Concrete Countertop

We have all been there, that time you were on your third glass of wine and the bottle looked a little closer than it was leaving a permanent red stain on the island. From spilled lemonade to splashes... Read More

Ghostshield & Goat Yoga

My girlfriend has dragged me to a lot of places over the course of our relationship. Most are your typical places like Sunday morning yard sales, the farmer’s market, the mall, etc. This past... Read More

Siloxa-Tek 8510 vs. Oscar Mayer

Ah, the weekend…Finally time to kick back and relax, or get to something on that honey-do-list your lovely wife’s composed for you, like: finish the balusters and railings on that deck you built... Read More

Let It Go, You Used Ghostshield

It is 7:00 am on a Sunday morning and you are still in bed. You cannot for the life of you remember the last time you were able to stay in your Sealy Optimum Elation King sized bed this late. It was... Read More

Water Repellents

Water is one of nature’s most powerful elements. It’s forceful enough to make its way into some of the most solid materials. Take for instance concrete. Even though concrete is tough, concrete... Read More

Arkansas State University Fowler Auditorium Waterproofing Project

ASU’s Fowler Auditorium building was experiencing moisture intrusion and a solution was needed that would prevent the building from absorbing water.

Ghostshield Iso-Tek 8501 had been used at... Read More

The When, Why, What and How of Countertop Maintenance

Whether you are renovating a rustic farmhouse or an industrial loft, concrete countertops are one of the most popular and cost-effective alternatives, fast outpacing granite as the countertop of... Read More