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Best Sealer for Birdbaths and Fountains

Published Sunday 24th of November 2013 // Updated Thursday 23rd of February 2017


After you have purchased a house, or even if you are in the process of designing your next home, a fountain or a birdbath are examples of some of the aesthetic additions that can make a difference on your abodes visual appeal. Small constructions like birdbaths or fountains are frequently constructed out of concrete. Now, if you are investing in one of those small concrete structures, you will certainly want to protect your investment.

If the structure is made out of concrete, as are most fountains and birdbaths, then you should treat it with a concrete sealer. As fountains and birdbaths are two outdoor additions that will be submerged in water, a specific process of concrete sealing is necessary. First, if you have an older birdbath/fountain, you must clean it out thoroughly with water and a stiff brush to wash away any debris that could interfere with the concrete sealing process.

After the birdbath/fountain has been cleaned, you are free to treat the concrete with a quality sealer. As the concrete will be underwater, you want to choose a solvent based penetrating waterproofing sealer. Siloxa-Tek 8510 will help waterproof the concrete, all while helping to protect the material from freeze/thaw cycles that actually cause most cracks to form in concrete fountains and birdbaths.