Photo of Brick House Sealer

Brick House Sealer

Many people often do not realize that bricks are actually a form of concrete. However, unlike those tough, gray surfaces that usually come to mind when we think of concrete, brick is a more porous, more delicate material. However, if your home is made of brick, the level of protection you are getting is certainly fine. To increase this protection, though, you need to treat your brick exteriors and...
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Photo of Paver Sealer

Paver Sealer

One of the most common forms of concrete used in warmer climates from Florida to California are pavers. While they may not be as strong as traditional concrete, pavers are, in fact, a type of...

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Photo of Best Paver Sealer

Best Paver Sealer

While summer may seem like a lifetime away, we are all looking forward to warmer temperatures that will allow for backyard entertaining. When family, friends, and neighbors come to your house, you...

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