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When you are searching for a concrete sealer product, you’re likely to find yourself having to choose between a ready-to-use product or a concentrated product. While ready-to-use products are convenient for small jobs since no mixing is required, the primary benefits of concentrated products are their economy in use and sustainability.

A concentrated product is designed to be diluted with water before use. When a formula is concentrated it does not contain any unnecessary water – it is added at time of application. This saves on transportation costs, empty container waste and packaging. And it is much more cost effective to add water to the concentrated product yourself. A ready to use product is sold in its correctly diluted form to safely apply and use as is. Ready to use products are convenient with no mixing required at the time of application.


Concentrated products come in smaller containers, which weigh less and take up less shipping space. Far less room is needed in vehicles transporting products from the manufacturer to the end-user distributor or to the end-user. This lowers fuel consumption and reduces the number of trucks on the road and in turn, the carbon footprint. The end result is less gas and space used in the transportation process.

Resource Use

The amount of material required to manufacture a container is reduced due to the smaller size of the container. Concentrated products also take up less space on the shelves and require smaller packaging. In the manufacturing facility there are fewer emissions, less water is used, less plastic, fewer labels, reduced packaging, less lifting and less storage space. The end result is empty, plastic container waste and less packaging being used which means there is less of an impact on the environment.

Cost Savings

An added benefit is cost savings, because of the reduction in transportation and resource costs the savings are passed along to the customer. The end result is that concentrated products are usually sold at a discounted price.

Choosing a Treatment

Ghostshield offers its most popular concrete sealers in an industry-first ultra-concentrate. This means one gallon does the work of five gallons equating to 80% less packaging, 50% less transportation costs and 80% less container waste. We like to think of it as innovation with a conscience.

If a product is manufactured with less water, paper, ink and plastic, then less material ends up in landfills and more space is freed up in shipping. More product can be shipped at a time to distributors and less fuel is needed to move the product. Less fuel being used means fewer emissions in the atmosphere and less greenhouse gas being produced. Overall concentrated products are a win-win.

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