Penetrating Sealers Densifiers

Our penetrating concrete sealers contain 6x higher actives than other sealers on the market. This equates to a service life of up to 10 years, deeper penetration and better performance. Other benefits include the reduction of water infiltration by up to 96%, the prevention of deicing salt & chloride damage as well as being able to repel oil and grease stains.

Epoxy Urethane Coatings

Made using only pure, high-grade resins. Our epoxy coatings provide the ultimate protective film to perform under the harshest conditions-providing chemical, acid and abrasion resistance.

Acrylic Sealers

Designed to enhance colors while giving a high gloss, wet look sheen, our acrylic sealers are non-yellowing and UV stable.

Surface Prep Repair

When it comes to ensuring that your project is a success, there is no more important place to start than surface preparation; including cleaners, etchers, degreasers and surface repair products.

Overlays Micro-Toppings

Revitalize and protect concrete and asphalt with our cementitious micro-overlays. Preserve the integrity of pavement by preventing deterioration cause by harmful chemicals, surface wear, water, atmospheric exposure and UV rays.

Iso-Tek Commercial

Iso-Tek was developed to reach deeper penetration depths; combating chloride-ion ingress, corrosion, carbonization and freeze-thaw cycling resulting in the reduction of maintenance and repair costs.

Cure Seals

Concrete Stains

Our concrete stains add color and depth to ordinary, gray concrete. With looks ranging from mottled, semi-transparent finishes to solid color protection.

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