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Wash, Rinse & Repeat

A breathable topical treatment that provides exceptional protection against a wide variety of graffiti materials. Allows for the easy removal of spray paint, permanent marker, ink, bituminous paints, asphalt sealers and other solvent or waterborne paints using non-hazardous cleaners and low-pressure water-blasting.


Longer service life and higher performance levels make it especially suited to provide non-sacrificial hydrophobic and oleophobic properties while stopping unsightly dark water stains.

This formula can undergo multiple cleaning cycles before re-treatment is necessary.


  • Graffiti
  • Dark Water Stains
  • Oils / Adhesives
  • Coffee / Coke / Gum


  • Concrete / Brick / Masonry
  • Horizontal / Vertical Reinforced Concrete

Certifiable Greatness

The Clear Choice

Unlike conventional anti-graffiti coatings that erode away after a few cleanings, Iso-Tek 8515 allows graffiti to be removed countless times without reapplication. Iso-Tek 8515 is the true non-sacrificial choice.

COATING WEIGHT (% LOSS) 0 15 30 45 60 75 90 100 0 WASH CYCLES 1 2 3 4 5 Wax SystemPolysiloxaneCross-linking Co-polymerIso-Tek™ 8515
Supporting photo - Iso-Tek 8515

Dries Invisible

Provides a flat, natural finish and dries completely transparent with no visual change to the aesthetics. Once cured the concrete will return to its natural appearance.

Product Details

    • Non-Sacrificial Properties - Protects surfaces by penetrating into concrete and becoming an integral part of the substrate.
    • 100% Breathable - Allows moisture and vapor pressure to escape without damaging the sealer.
    • Clear Finish - Does not alter or change the surface appearance. Surface remains natural, tack-free and slip-resistant.
    • Excellent UV Stability - Allows for long service life in direct sunlight.
    • Resistance to Alkali Attack
    • No Blushing, Peeling or Yellowing - Non-film forming solution.
    • Makes Cleaning Easy - Treated surfaces remain clean longer periods of times and are cleaned easier (common liquids like coffee, coke, oils, gum, adhesives and dark liquids are easily removed).
    • Prevents Dark Streaks - Stops unsightly dark water stains. Slows down the growth of microorganisms, mold, mildew, and algae.
    • Smaller Molecular Structure - Allows for deeper penetration and increases performance.
    • Enhanced Protection - It can be applied over any silane or siliconate based material.
    • Ultra Low VOC - Approved for use in all 50 states
  • Surface Prep

    1. Concrete must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 28 days. Any repointing must be completed and allowed to cure for at least 3 days. Patching materials, caulking, and any other sealing material must be fully cured before application.
    2. All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and completely free of graffiti, dirt, dust, efflorescence, mold, salt, grease, oil, asphalt, paint, coatings and other substances that would interfere with a proper bond. Any water absorbed by the surface during cleaning must be allowed to dry before applying Iso-Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti.
    3. If surface was treated with a water repellent agent such as Iso-Tek ™ 8100 or a corrosion inhibitor such as Iso-Tek ™ 8511, it is recommended to wait at least 5 days before Iso-Tek ™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti is applied.
    4. Protect surrounding property, vehicles, window glass, roofing materials, plastic products, shrubbery, landscaping and all surfaces not set for treatment.
    5. Surface and air temperatures must be at least 40°F and should not exceed 85°F, during application. Do not apply when temperatures are expected to fall below 32°F within 8 hours or when rain is expected within 12 hours following application. Keep material from freezing. If freezing conditions exist before application, let the substrate thaw before application. Do not apply during inclement weather or when inclement weather is expected within 12 hours.

    Application Stir material throughly before and during application. Do not dilute or alter material for purposes other than specified. Test the coating in an inconspicuous area to ensure the desired coverage and appearance is achieved. Iso-Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti is best applied with HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayed 12-18” away from the surface. Start from the bottom of the wall and work upwards to prevent premature impregnation by material running down the surface. The water-repellent effect appears within a few minutes. Two additional applications at full strength are required for permanent graffiti protection. Before applying the second and third coat, allow the surface to dry completely. For the second and third coats, it is recommended to apply the product in a fine spray. Ensure that the liquid is distributed evenly (i.e. the surface is wetted evenly) using a damp roller.

    Each coat must be applied in one application. Do not apply subsequent coats until the previous coat has dried completely.

    If the second and third coat are being repelled by the primer coat, the addition of up to 1 cup (8 ounces) of isopropyl alcohol per gallon of Iso-Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti is permitted. The addition of alcohol will allow the anti-graffiti to “wet out” better. Less isopropyl alcohol can be utilized, as long as wetability of the product is not compromised. The VOC’s remains under 100 g/L after addition of the isopropyl alcohol.

    Once the isopropyl alcohol is added to the Iso Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti, there is a pot life of 8 hours. Do not mix more product than is needed for 8 hours of work.

    Application rates are dependent on porosity and surface roughness of the substrate. Apply a test patch to determine actual coverage rate and number of coats of Iso-Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti before starting the project. Usage is typically 125 to 250 ft 2 /gal in two to three coats. Porous substrates may require more material.

    Some darkening of the surface may occur, depending on the amount of Iso-Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti applied and the color and texture of the substrate. A test patch must be applied in order to verify actual conditions on the substrate.

    On very coarse and very porous substrates, the effectivness of Iso-Tek ™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti may be enhanced by additional treatments. The amount of product required for the second and all subsequent treatments is considerably less. Several layers should only be applied using HVLP technology and resulting droplets must be rubbed in quickly using a brush or swab to distribute the liquid evenly across the surface.

    In the case of polished stone (e. g. marble) significantly less product required. Simply apply Iso-Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti once with a cloth, microfiber glove or other suitable aid by polishing until a liquid film is no longer visible.

    Non-absorbent substrates such as, for example, glass, wood, plastic and metal cannot be treated with Iso-Tek ™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti.

    Graffiti Removal Iso-Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti is designed to allow easy removal of paint markers and other materials used for graffiti from concrete, masonry and natural stone substrates. Standard nonhazardous cleaners and low-pressure waterblasting are sufficient removal methods for most graffiti. For stubburn paints, acceptable methods for removing graffiti include citrus or benzyl alcohol-based paint removers, high-pressure water, steam cleaning and proprietary cleaners. If high-pressure water is used, care must be taken to not etch the substrate. Removing the substrate will also remove the Iso-Tek™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti.

    On horizontal surfaces exposed to traffic (e.g. floors, pavers) the effectiveness of Iso-Tek ™ 8515 Anti-Graffiti will be reduced over time due to abrasion, requiring reapplication after about 6 months to 2 years.

    Dry Time Typical drying time is 4-6 hours at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Cooler temperatures or higher relative humidity can extend the drying time. Treated surfaces will be ready for pedestrian and vehicle traffic within 24 hours. Water repellency will continue to develop within 5 days of application.

    Clean Up Clean equipment, tools and surfaces with hot soapy water. Unused or old material may be disposed of in a waste disposal site in accordance with local, state and federal laws

    Limitations Do not apply to frozen or damp surfaces. Do not apply if the substrate cannot be protected from precipitation for at least 12 hours. Full resistance properties may not be achieved until 5 days after application. Will leave a residue on nonporous materials such as glass, metal and painted surfaces. Shrubbery and plant life should be protected from overspray. Should not be applied if the surface temperature is below 40°F or above 85°F, if rain is expected within 12 hours following application, if wind speeds exceed 10 mph or other conditions prevent proper application. If rain has preceded the application, the surface should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. Foot traffic may not resume until 24 hours after application. Only skilled coating applicators should use this product.