Obama Presidential Center - Iso-Tek™ 8501 - Gel Sealer for HD Vertical

A 487,000 sq. ft. museum, library and education project in Chicago that commemorates the presidency of Barack Obama, is now protected with Iso-Tek™ 8501. All concrete vertical surfaces were sealed using our LEED v5 and Clear-Chem authorized water, salt, and chloride repellent sealer. We look forward to seeing this project completed, ensuring this new national landmark is preserved and protected for decades to come.

125 Greenwich St - Iso-Tek™ 8501 - Silane Gel for Vertical Protection

Built to appear as two side-by-side I-beams rotated 90 degrees into the sky, 125 Greenwich is a fascinating structure with a nearly column-free interior design that gives its resident unique views of NYC and the harbor. Protected top to bottom with Iso-Tek™ 8501, these massive exterior sheer walls made of high density concrete are now shielded from corrosion and chloride ion ingress for decades to come.

Discovery Park of America - Siloxa-Tek® 8500 - Silane/Siloxane Sealer

An amazing 55 acre, one-of-a-kind, educational experience with over 160,000 sq. ft. of exposed aggregate sidewalk. Sealed up with with Siloxa-Tek® 8500 and protected from the damage caused by freeze-thaw and harsh midwestern weather. No more cracking, pitting, and spalling... these sidewalks will be problem-free and last much longer - no doubt.

Universal Studios, Orlando, FL - Iso-Tek™ 8511

When we head down to Universal Studios, we like to tailgate in their 6,000 spot parking lot. Actually, we brought a little more than a tailgate, we dropped off an entire truckload - 5000+ gallons of Iso-Tek™ 8511.

The ideal solution for these harsh marine-like environments, Iso-Tek™ 8511 reduces chloride-ion induction and protects steel-reinforced concrete using proprietary amino alcohol technology. It is unlike any other clear, invisible, surface-applied sealer on the market and it can protect for decades.

Water Street Tampa, Block C - Iso-Tek™ 8501

Iso-Tek™ 8501 gel-based sealer is the best choice for vertical plank molded high-density concrete. It was chosen for the Water Street Development located in Tampa, FL because it achieves significantly deeper penetration. Iso-Tek™ 8501 uses proprietary nanotechnology and infuses active ingredients into the unique substrates used on the balconies of this modern looking structure.

1245 Broadway, Manhattan - Iso-Tek™ 8501

LEED certified 200,000 sq.ft. of class A office space with 12-foot-tall ceilings and ground-floor restaurants. This new NYC structure features curtain walls composed of architecturally finished concrete panels between floor-to-ceiling windows. To protect this Klovern designed building from wind-driven rain, chloride-ion ingress, and microcracks, Ghostshield Iso-Tek™ 8501 gel sealer was the top choice by all those involved. It is the only gel base sealer designed specifically for vertical and overhead concrete applications.

Ormond Beach, Iso-Tek™ 8511 - Corrosion Inhibitor

Let's take a quick trip down to a sea-side retreat. Located right on the Atlantic, The Ocean House is exposed to all the elements. Salt, chlorides, carbonization and oxidation rips through concrete and attacks rebar causing all sort of structural problems. Iso-Tek™ 8511 is the ideal solution for these harsh marine-like environments. Iso-Tek™ 8511 Corrosion Inhibitor was recommended because it stops water, salt and the electrochemical corrosion process dead in its tracks. It reduces chloride-ion induction and protects steel-reinforced cast-in-plast, precast, post tension, GFRC, or prestressed concrete using proprietary amino alcohol technology. It is unlike any other clear, invisible, surface-applied sealer on the market and it can protect for decades.

Gables Station - Iso-Tek™ 8540VOC

Gables Station is a multi-use project that connects Coral Gables to Downtown Miami through the usage of transit corridors and Metrorail. Iso-Tek™ 8540VOC was the specified sealers chosen because it is a low VOC sealer that provides a significant amount of protection against moisture and chloride intrusion. It resists ASR attacks and corrosion by preventing the absorption of water.

Fisher Island Transportation System

Siloxa-Tek® 8510 water, salt and oil repellent sealer was the perfect choice for this 165,000 sq. ft. parking structure located in Miami, Florida. Located right on the ocean, this private concrete parking deck is exposed to some of the harshest weather in the world. To protect it from corrosion caused by sea salt and chloride ingress, it was treated with our highest active silane/siloxane formula. Thanks to the proprietary fluorocarbon additive, oil and transmission fluid stains don't stand a chance. With Siloxa-Tek® 8510, this deck will last decades longer... and look amazing for years.

Water Street Development (Block H)

Iso-Tek™ 8501 thixotrapic gel-based sealer sets new standards in high-density concrete sealer penetration. It was chosen for the Water Street Development located in Tampa, FL because it achieves deeper penetration on vertical and overhead surfaces. Iso-Tek™ 8501 uses proprietary advancements in nanotechnology and infuses active ingredients into a gravity defying aqueous, solvent-less, silane-based gel that delivers more actives in the substrate. This increase in "hang-time" results in significant long-term concrete protection on any concrete surface.

Ghostshield Project Reel

A big thank you to all those who helped us with these projects. We look forward to working together and continuing to make even bigger impacts in the future.

Arthrex Headquarters - Siloxa-Tek® 8510

In 2019 Arthrex's Corporate Headquarters in Naples, Florida was sealed with Ghostshield's Siloxa-Tek® 8510, our premiere penetrating concrete sealer to keep it protected from weathering, chloride absorption, and oxidization.

440 Kent Ave - Siloxa-Tek® 8510

Designed by SHoP Architects and carefully constructed by Two Trees, the building’s unique profile enables it to maintain a distinguished street presence, while respecting the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Siloxa-Tek® 8510 is the go to sealer for precast concrete. It protects against atmospheric staining and reducing capillary uptake (water absorption) by up to 96% reducing the risk of oxidization and carbonization.

The Standard High Line, Iso-Tek™ 8501 Thixotropic Concrete Sealer

In 2019 the Standard High Line was sealed top to bottom with Ghostshield's Iso-Tek™ 8501, the deepest penetrating sealer on the market and the best concrete sealer for vertical applications.

Caoba Miami, Iso-Tek™ 8540voc penetrating concrete sealer

Our latest project in Florida was for the beautiful new Caoba Apartments, part of the new Miami Worldcenter. Ghostshield was the perfect sealer for their high-traffic parking garage.

Orlando Sanford International Airport Siloxa-Tek® 8500

Siloxa-Tek® 8500 concrete sealer protects the parking lot at Orlando Sanford International Airport in sunny Florida. Planning a trip? Be sure to put this parking deck on your sight-seeing list!

Grove at Grand Bay, Iso-Tek™ 8501 thixotropic concrete sealer

The Grove at Grand Bay is certainly one of the most impressive structures built in recent years. Of course, our next-generation sealer, the Iso-Tek 8501 was used.

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, Iso-Tek™ 8540voc

Jet set with us to the sunshine state where we apply Ghostshield's Iso-Tek® 8540VOC to Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center. The 8540VOC protects against wind-driven rain weatherproofing the structure while also minimizing atmospheric staining.

Arkansas State University, Iso-Tek™ 8501

We take our show on the road again to Arkansas State University. The Fowler Auditorium needed to be protected from the elements, and we had just the product for them to protect and seal like no other!

432 Park Ave, Iso-Tek™ 8501 thixotropic concrete sealer

432 Park Avenue - the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere - sealed with our flagship commercial product, Iso-Tek 8501; a thixotropic sealer.


Strong-Flex™ Vehicular Deck System Mockup Install

Strong-Flex™ is a liquid applied, seamless, waterproof, joint-free, crack-free, high solids, water-catalyzed polyurethane Pedestrian Deck System designed for use on concrete, wood and metal surfaces.

Pure Acrylic Cure & Seal - Iso-Cure™ C309

Get it all done on the same day with C309. Enhance, improve, and protect freshly poured concrete with a one-step solution. Jet Concrete out of New Hampshire recently poured, stamped, and sealed this patio at Sky Meadow Country Club - all in one day. C309 is a pure methyl/methacrylate acrylic cure & seal that provides a thin membrane to help concrete retain the perfect amount of internal moisture during the curing process. The results - hard, bullet-proof strength concrete with a long-lasting deep, dust-free shine.

Commercial Epoxy & Urethane Floor

This 25,000 square foot concrete floor is home to the worlds largest America aerospace manufacturer. Some of the most advanced aircraft engines in the world will be built right on this floor. Epoxy 335 and Urethane 645 was the chosen system because it confidently protects concrete from exposure to engine oil, fluids, fuels, chemicals, and all the necessary heavy equipment required to operate this Atlanta, Georgia facility. Big thanks to BroHog Construction & KL Installations for supplying this footage.

Automotive Service Center - Polished & Sealed with Siloxa-Tek® 8510

35,000 Square feet of concrete polished with our lithium densifier and sealed with Siloxa-Tek® 8510 to protect the concrete floors against spalling and pitting from road salts and staining from automotive fluids such as oil, transmission and brake fluids.

Strong Shield™ 247

This cementitious micro-overlay engineered to revitalize and protect concrete, stone, mineral and asphalt substrates. It permanently bonds creating an extremely resilient barrier that protects and extends the service life of the underlying surface.

Polyaspartic 745 High Gloss Coating | Rhum Bar

Applying Ghostshield's Polyaspartic 745 high gloss concrete countertop coating in a commercial application.

Manchester NH Parking Deck - Iso-Tek 8540VOC

Sealing Strongshield™ 247 micro topping with Ghostshield's Iso-Tek 8540VOC with a low pressure sprayer.

G.W.O.T. Veteran's Monument - Wear-Tek 4400

See (almost) the entire project from start to finish. From pouring the cement to sealing the final slabs with our Wear-Tek 4400 high-traffic concrete sealer.

Cure & Seal Densifier & Penetrating Sealer

See how Ghostshield can protect concrete from start to finish. Project foundation sealed with Ghostshield Iso-Cure 8520 Cure & Seal. Lithi-Tek 4500 was added to densify and harden the concrete before sealing it with Iso-Tek 8540 VOC to create a moisture barrier and waterproof coating.

Micro-Degreaser 1100™ / Wear-Tek® 4400 ISA Markings

See the powerful cleaning action of the Micro-Degreaser™ 1100 combined with the durability of the Wear-Tek® 4400. Grease, dirt, and grime don't stand a chance against this powerful duo.

NH1 Motorplex Lithi-Tek® 4500 / Siloxa-Tek® 8510

NH1 Motorplex is the first and only electric karting venue in New Hampshire. The indoor roadways are densified and strengthened with Lithi-Tek 4500 and sealed with Siloxa-Tek 8510 -- the ultimate combination.

MTM Flooring Approved Applicator Epoxy 325™/ Urethane 645™

Ghostshield and MTM Flooring partner up to tackle this paint and pottery studio with the Epoxy 325, our water-based epoxy concrete coating designed to repel chemicals and resist abrasion.

Weatherproofing brick, block and CMU's w/ Siloxa-Tek® 8510

Next in our series of Ghostshield "In the Field" videos is the Siloxa-Tek™ 8510 concrete sealer, perfect sealer for concrete, brick, cinderblock, slate, stucco, pavers, stone, stamped concrete and other substrates.

Redi-Mix Colors "CPP" & Ghostshield Taco Bell Drive Thru

Ghostshield partners up with Redi-Mix colors to seal and protect concrete drive-thru pads at a fast food chain. Over the years these pads will see a large amount of traffic, which would normally mean lots of wear and tear.