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Ghostshield concrete sealer is the new benchmark in concrete protection. Our high active formulas are engineered utilizing nanotechnology for smaller particle size, delivering superior depths of penetration and unrivaled results.

Waterproof, Protect & Preserve:
How Concrete Sealer Works

  1. Untreated concrete aborbs water, causing damage to its appearance and integrity over time.
  2. Concrete sealer fills the pores and cavities in the surface of the concrete.
  3. Vapors escape easily, while external water is deflected from the surface.
  4. Treated concrete resists water, snow, salt - even motor oil.

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Water visually enhanced with food coloring for contrast.
Concrete sealed with Siloxa-Tek® 8500.

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Are you an architect specifying a specialty concrete sealer for an iconic project? A discerning home owner looking for a decorative wet look sealer for your concrete patio? An applicator searching for a more reliable hydrophobic concrete sealer? From do-it-yourself to the Department of Transportation, Ghostshield's high-active formulas provide unparalleled protection.

Concrete Sealer, Reengineered

Standing at 1,397’ tall, 432 Park Avenue in New York City is a spectacular feat of design, engineering and construction. This incredible commercial project required over 70,000 cubic yards of concrete, 12,500 tons of rebar, and over 2,000 gallons of Iso-Tek 8501: the only clear, thixotropic concrete sealer capable of penetrating the superstructure's dense concrete.

Project Size // 350,000 sq. ft.
Density // 14,000 PSI

The Science behind the formulas

The latest advances in nanotechnology are what drive the Ghostshield formulas.
Smaller particles penetrate deeper, resulting in longer lasting performance.

Concrete Sealer Technology
Fig. 1 Multiple micro-cracks within a single pore of the concrete can be seen (3000x magnification).
Fig. 2 After treatment a Ghostshield nano particle can be seen as it fills the pore of the concrete, sealing it from within (3000x magnification).

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