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Premium ingredients, longer service life, better protection — Ghostshield concrete sealers and epoxies are the best choice for everything from superstructures to super driveways.

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When building iconic monuments, renowned firms choose Iso-Tek™ to provide unrivaled protection and durability the projects demand.

Deeper absorption means stronger concrete—follow your inspiration without compromise.

Shipped by Pallet —or Single Gallon

Made for the largest, toughest jobs—and available for the smallest—buy it direct from the people that make it.

This awesome power shouldn’t stay contained for long, so your order will ship today if placed before noon (EST).

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in Action

Blue-dyed water repelling off natural-finish concrete driveway

Water visually enhanced with food coloring for contrast.
Concrete sealed with Siloxa-Tek® 8500.

Engineering Better Formulae

Simply put: smaller particles penetrate deeper.

The active particles in Ghostshield concrete sealer were nano-engineered to be as small as possible, and we maximized the presence of these ingredients in each formula. Then we captured the results using a SEM at 3000x magnification to show you the difference.

Invisible Protection with Visible Results

  1. Untreated concrete absorbs water — causing damage over time.
  2. Concrete sealer fills the pores and cavities in the surface of the concrete.
  3. Vapors beneath escape easily, but water above is deflected.
  4. Treated concrete resists water, snow, salt - even motor oil.

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