Penetrating. Waterproofing.
Oil Resistant. Salt Repellent.

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The tallest residential buildings, the largest parking lots—Ghostshield reaches depths and heights other concrete sealers don’t.

This monument of enduring pulchritude is achieved only with the power of Ghostshield.

Waterproof, Protect & Preserve:
How Concrete Sealer Works

  1. Untreated concrete aborbs water, causing damage to its appearance and integrity over time.
  2. Concrete sealer fills the pores and cavities in the surface of the concrete.
  3. Vapors escape easily, while external water is deflected from the surface.
  4. Treated concrete resists water, snow, salt - even motor oil.

See it in action

Water visually enhanced with food coloring for contrast.
Concrete sealed with Siloxa-Tek® 8500.

Longer Lasting & Easy to Apply

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