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Solid Color Protection

A pigmented, water-based, non-yellowing stain system designed for unsealed concrete, masonry and pavers. Infused with nano-sized color particles, the 1505 concrete stain system will provide a much stronger bond than typical polymer stains. It penetrates deeper and self-crosslinks to promotes outstanding adhesion. Available as a 2 or 3 step system, it contains an optional Primer, Solid Color, and optional Color Enhancer.

Water Based
with No Odor

Easily applied with a roller or brush. Can be used indoors and outdoors on new and old concrete and overlay systems. Previously stained or sealed concrete will need to be cleaned and/or stripped prior to application.

  • Concrete / Stone / Masonry
  • Driveways
  • Patios / Pool Decks
  • Garage Floors
  • Basements
Supporting photo - Pro-Fusion 1505

A Colored Gloss

Provides a gloss finish. Available in 6 standard colors. It locks color deep below the surface, hiding imperfections to make surfaces look beautiful, even, and consistent in appearance. It is capable of providing a uniform color or enhanced “mottled” color look on stamped concrete. The primer is recommended for use on old, porous concrete. The color enhancer is recommened for use on stamped concrete to highlight groves and patterns. The Cryli-Tek 5500 is always recommeded as the top coat sealer for added UV protection and longevity.

Enhances Colors

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UV Resistant

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Which is Best for You?

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    Transparent Stain
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Product Details

    • Adds Color to Any Unsealed Concrete Surface
    • Solid Color or Enhanced Color
    • UV / Fade Resistant
    • Cross-Linking for Longer Service-Life
  • For complete application instructions please download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

    Surface Preparation

    1. New concrete must be properly cured 28 days.
    2. The concrete substrate must be clean and free of oil, grease, dirt, wax, curing compounds, efflorescence, paints, previous sealers and stains, adhesives and other contaminants.
    3. Power wash, clean, etch or mechanically scarify as necessary to achieve the desired surface condition.
    4. The surface-zone moisture content of the concrete should not exceed 4% wt.
    5. Surface and air temperatures must be at least 45°F during application. Surface and air temperatures should not exceed 80°F. Do not apply when temperatures are expected to fall below 32°F within 8 hours or when rain is expected within 12 hours following application.
    6. Protect all surfaces not set for treatment.


    1. Always test a small area before application to ensure desired performance, aesthetics, coverage rates and to verify application technique. Let test area dry thoroughly, 5-7 days, before inspection.
    2. OPTIONAL : If the concrete is extremely porous or old the Pro-Fusion 1505 Primer is recommended. Apply with a high quality roller. Wait 24 hours before applying the Pro-Fusion 1505 Solid Color.
    3. Apply the Pro-Fusion 1505 Solid Color with a high quality roller. Wait 24 hours before applying the optional Pro-Fusion 1505 Enhancer or the Cryli-Tek 5500 sealer.
    4. OPTIONAL : To highlight grooves and patters, especially on stamped or decorative concrete the Pro-Fusion 1505 Enhancer may be used. Wait 24 hours before applying the Cryli-Tek 5500 sealer


    1. The Cryli-Tek 5500 sealer is required after staining to ensure long lasting protection and enhanced color of the final project. Allow the stain to cure for at least 24 hours before sealing.


    Up to 200 square feet per gallon.

    Dry Time

    Typical drying time is 4-6 hours at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Cooler temperatures or higher relative humidity can extend the drying time. Treated surfaces will be ready for pedestrian and vehicle traffic within 24 hours.

    Clean Up

    Clean equipment and tools with soap and water. Unused or old material may be disposed of in a waste disposal site in accordance with local, state and federal laws.


    Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing, do not take internally. Use appropriate safety equipment during application and handling. Please refer to the safety data sheet (SDS) for additional precautionary instructions before use.


    Color variations will occur from slab to slab and testing is recommended before the final application.

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