Industrial Water Repellents

We developed smaller silane isomers that are highly reactive and significantly less volatile than traditional silanes. Available in actives concentrations ranging from 40% to 100%.

High Density

Vertical Water Repellents

Specially designed for vertical concrete, the gel viscosity of these formulas defy gravity, bridging the time of contact and degree of saturation gap to resist water, chlorides and inhibit rust.


Porous Block Water Repellents

Specially formulated for porous substrates such as CMU, split-face, fluted, or ground-faced blocks these porous block water repellents aide in a dramatic reduction of chloride and water absorption.


Amino Infused Corrosion Inhibitors

Our corrosion inhibitors impregnate concrete while passivating the rebar to form a barrier around the steel reinforcement, inhibiting carbonization, rust and moisture intrusion.


Non-Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti

Specially formulated to allow for the easy removal of spray paint and other solvent or waterborne paints using non-hazardous cleaners and low-pressure water-blasting.

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