Supporting photo - Iso-Tek 8501

Defy gravity

A solvent-less, gel-based sealer designed specifically for vertical (and overhead) surfaces without any material loss. Capable of penetrating high-density, architecturally reinforced concrete up to one inch — deeper than even the most notable competition

Vertical and Overhead Applications

This sealer's gel-like viscosity helps defy gravity, increase time of contact, and achieve penetration depths prevously thought to be unobtainable.

It's capable of bridging hairline and micro cracks up to 0.3mm and easily applies with an airless sprayer or magimate brush.


  • Moisture Absorption
  • Chloride-Ion Ingress
  • Sulfates / Acidic Gases
  • Salts
  • Water Intrusion
  • Oxidization of Rebar in Reinforced Concrete


  • Concrete / Brick / Masonry
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Vertical Concrete
  • Overhead Concrete
  • High Density Concrete

Certifiable Greatness

A Clear Difference In High-Density Concrete

Even when compared to a pure silane formula, the gel-based Iso-Tek 8501 has a greater absorption in high-density (lower water-to-cement ratio) concrete in carbonated concrete cubes.

0 2 4 6 8 12 10 14 16 18 PENETRATION DEPTH (mm) Liquid “pure” silane Iso-Tek 8501 Solvent-based silane (30% active content) Solvent-based siloxane Water-based silane (40% active content) in g/m 3 100 250 400 100 250 400 100 250 400 100 250 400 100 250 400 W/C = 0.70 W/C = 0.45
Supporting photo - Iso-Tek 8501

Dries Invisible

Provides a flat, natural finish and dries completely transparent with no visual change to the aesthetics. Once cured the concrete will return to its natural appearance.

Product Details

    • Composition - 100% nano technology derived silane isomers. Its smaller molecular structure allows for deeper penetration increasing performance and protection.
    • Exceptional waterproofing - Penetrates deep within the concrete chemically reacting within the pores and capillaries creating a long-lasting hydrophobic surface
    • 100% breathable - Non-film forming. Allows moisture within the concrete to escape without adverse effects to the sealer. Does not trap moisture
    • Protects against chloride ion penetration - Forms an effective chloride screen dramatically reducing chloride ion ingress preventing deicing salt / chloride damage
    • Resists oxidization - Protects reinforced concrete by limiting surface water content and inhibits rust and corrosion of rebar in reinforced concrete
    • Resists moisture intrusion - Resists wind-driven rain, spalling, pitting and cracking.
    • Resist organic growth - Mold, mildew lichen and efflorescence
    • Department of Transportation - Meets or exceeds DOT specifications
    • Resists freeze thaw & thermal cycling damage - Resists ASR/ alkali attacks by preventing the ingress of water
    • Provides good adhesion for coatings
    • Improves durability - Prevents capillary uptake of water and the aggressive substances dissolved in it
    • Natural flat finish - Does not change surface appearance, UV stable, will not breakdown with light exposure
    • Gel Viscosity - Optimal for vertical surfaces without loss of material
    • Water based - Low VOC’s, environmentally friendly
    • Seals cracks up to 0.3mm
  • Iso‐Tek® 8501 is a unique impregnating agent. It has an outstanding ability to impregnate high‐density concrete and reinforced concrete. Unlike conventional liquid products, Iso‐Tek® 8501 can be applied in just one coat of the desired thickness (at the very most, two coats). The silane active ingredient penetrates the substrate within 30 minutes to several hours, the exact time depending on the porosity and thus quality of the concrete. As the active ingredient is the same as in conventional liquid impregnating agents, impregnation with Iso-Tek® 8501 does not clog the pores or capillaries, nor does it affect its ability to "breathe". Iso‐Tek® 8501 is designed to penetrate deeply into concrete so as to afford optimum protection against absorption of water and pollutants as well as freeze / thaw cycles. This effect should not be confused with the "beading" effect imparted by impregnating agents that is often referred to as water repellency. Beading is only a surface effect, and it plays a secondary role in protecting the substrate. Concrete treated with Iso-Tek® 8501 has intially only a moderate beading effect, but this increases after the surface has been wetted.

  • Surface Preparation

    Make sure to avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. No respirator is needed when applying this product. Wash your hands after use and do not take internally. Please refer to the product Saftey Data Sheet (SDS) before using.

    The preparation process should be followed to ensure adequate penetration and optimum performance of the sealer. The concrete substrate must be structurally sound, thoroughly dry and clean. Make sure to remove all paints, sealers and/or adhesives before application. The substrate must be clean of oil, grease, dirt, wax, curing compounds, efflorescence and other contaminants that might interfere with the penetration of the sealer. If you are using an acid to clean the concrete, neutralize the surface completely and rinse it with water prior to application. New concrete must be cured at least 28 days before applying Iso‐Tek® 8501. Prior to sealing check your local forecast to make sure that there are no impending threats of perception within 1 day of application. It is recommended the sealer be tested in an inconspicuous area to ensure the desired coverage and appearance is achieved.


    Iso‐Tek® 8501 is best applied undiluted by a low pressure airless sprayer. A lambskin roller or brush can be used in smaller areas. The exact amount depends on the absorbency of the substrate. If the substrate is of high quality and hence not very absorbent, do not apply more than roughly 185 sq. ft. per gallon in one operation, as it may take several hours to penetrate completely. At higher application rates, the impregnating film might liquefy because of the concretes alkalinity and it might start to run off. Only impregnate concrete that has a uniformly dry surface with no damp patches. Should it suddenly start to rain, stop treatment and cover the impregnated areas.

    Application Notes:

    • Iso‐Tek® 8501 should not come into direct contact with bitumen. The resistance of insulant against Iso-Tek® 8501 has to be determined dependent on temperature.
    • Do not apply if rain is due on day of application
    • Do not apply in direct sunlight resulting in temperatures outside of the application parameters
    • Do not apply in high wind conditions (applies if utilizing airless sprayer and winds exceeding 35 mph)
    • Do not apply if temperature is expected to fall below 41 degrees F