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1505 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Pro-Fusion 1505

  • Water-Based
  • Ready-to-use

A water-based, solid color concrete stain system featuring a solid color stain, optional primer and optional enhancer.

When you are looking to add a solid color gloss finish to a substate, the 1505 is an excellent choice. Since the 1505 is water based, it is completely safe to use with no odor. It locks color deep below the surface, hiding imperfections to make surfaces look beautiful, even, and consistent in appearance. It is capable of providing a uniform color or enhanced “mottled” color look on stamped concrete.

The Pro-Fusion 1505 can be used as a stand alone stain, or as part of a system.

Optional Step 1: If the substrate is extremely old or porous use the Pro-Fusion 1505 Primer first.

Required Step 2: Pro-Fusion 1505 available in 6 standard colors: Tan, Dark Tan, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Brown, Dark Red

Optional Step 3: If you are looking for additional enhancement and depth especially on stamped concrete to highlight groves and patterns use the Pro-Fusion 1505 Enhancer after using the Pro-Fusion 1505 Stain. Available in 3 standard colors: Chocolate, Charcoal, Mocha

The Cryli-Tek 5500 is always recommeded as the top coat sealer for added UV protection and longevity.

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1500 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Hydro-Stain 1500

  • Water-Based
  • Concentrated

A water based, translucent concrete stain that can safely achieve acid like effects.

This unique formula is a safe alternative to acid-based stains containing no hazardous components while producing the same mottled look as acid stains. There is no neutralizing or rinsing required. The product is shipped concentrated and mixed with water prior to application.

Provides a flat, natural finish. Can be applied at full strength or diluted with water for a lighter color. Colors can also be mixed and applied in random patterns. Available in 6 standard colors. A decorative sealer like the Cryli-Tek 5505 is recommended after staining to ensure long lasting protection and color enhancement.

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