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Concrete Surface Restorer

This two-component, structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrid was developed to fill/repair concrete floor surface imperfections such as air holes, popouts, surface pitting, scratches and gouges. Hides imperfections and returns concrete floor surfaces to a “like-new” appearance. It’s a rigid structural polymer with a Shore D Hardness of 70-75 and is primarily used for fine grouting and repairing. Perfect for repairing defects smaller than 1⁄2” and perfecting the surface prior to polishing and sealing.

Easy to Use

Designed for industrial concrete applications such as exposed concrete floors, warehouse floors and retail floors. Used to fill surface defects such as air holes, sand aggregate pops, pitting, gouges, scratches, and cracks in interior, vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces.

  • Concrete / Exposed Concrete
  • Interior Floors / Retail Floors
  • Industrial / Commercial Floors
  • Retail Floors / Freezer Floors
  • Crack Repair in Old Floors
  • Garages / Auto Repair Shops
  • Basement Floors
  • Exterior Concrete
Supporting photo - Poly-Strong PS 41

Available Colored

Available colored, this low viscosity surface restoring polymer fills in pinholes and micro-defects to increase surface durability and enhance reflective gloss.

Strengthens Concrete

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Higher Actives

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Which is Best for You?

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    Poly-Strong PS 80
    Joint Filler
    100% Actives
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    Poly-Strong PS 41
    Crack Filler
    3 colors
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    2-Part System
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    Poly-Strong PS 55
    Crack Filler
    100% Actives
    4 colors
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Product Details

    • Renews and Smooths Surfaces - Rehabs old, pitted, gouged, worn, or damaged floors and transforms them into smooth, new, surfaces that can be easily polished and coated to look new.
    • Rapid-Set Formula - For quick access to floor areas and grinding as early as 40 minutes after application (or 20 minutes with Accelerator Pack).
    • Increases Density for a Higher Gloss - Makes floors and surfaces less porous, eliminating imperfections, resulting in a more intense shine
    • Corrects Minor Imperfections
    • Add Sand to Repair Joints & Cracks - Flexible application / field options can provide additional jobsite versatility.
    • LEED v4.1 Approval - PS 41 contains low VOC’s and is fully compliant with USGBC LEED v4.1 green building standards. Also complies with BD&C, ID&C, The WELL Building Standard, ANSI/GBI 01, Green Guide for Healthcare V2.2
    • Available in 3 Colors - Choose the best color to camouflage floor surface pitting and imperfections
    • Low viscosity - Allows for deeper penetration into very small surface pits and imperfections, giving you better hiding and smoothing power.
    • Yields a smoother floor - Reduces orange peel, texture, and dimples to achieve the highest gloss and DOI values.
  • For complete application instructions please download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

    Surface Preparation

    Repair area should be completely free of dust, debris, dirt, oils and moisture prior to application of material. Allow concrete to fully cure at least 28 days prior to installation. Surface must be thoroughly dry prior to application of Poly-Strong PS 41. If moisture is present, material will exhibit bubbling/moisture reaction. For best defect penetration, floor should be thoroughly cleaned using a scrubber with dry brushes and vacuumed completely.

    Application Temperature

    Material should be preconditioned to 65-75F for best results and designed work time. Poly-Strong PS 41 is designed for use in concrete floors at temperatures of 32F or higher.


    Colors: The Poly-Strong PS 41 system is designed to be used only with the addition of one of the 3 available Color Packs. There is no Neutral or Clear/Natural color available. If the Poly-Strong PS 41 kit is mixed without a Color Pack, the cured material will have a milky white appearance. Color packs must be thoroughly blended into Poly-Strong PS 41 Part A prior to mixing Part A with Part B at a 1:1 ratio. A Color Pack is included as part of the Poly-Strong PS 41 kit.

    Mixing: The Color Pack must be thoroughly blended into Part A prior to mixing Part A / Part B. Tear off the top of the Color Pack and empty 2oz of colorant into 32oz Poly-Strong PS 41 (Part A). A measuring device may be used to ensure correct amount of colorant is added (Color Packs contain roughly 8oz of total colorant). Once the correct amount of colorant is added to Part A, shake (or mix) using a mechanical mixer until color is thoroughly blended / consistent throughout. Poly-Strong PS 41 should be mixed at a 1A:1B ratio by volume. Upon combining Parts A & B, mixture should promptly be mechanically mixed with a helix paint mixer or similar for 45 seconds using a slow-speed drill until thoroughly blended prior to applying material to floor. If modifying Poly-Strong PS 41 for use in repairs with dried sand aggregate, thoroughly blend added material. The recommended ratio for sand modification is 2 to 2.5 parts added material to 1 Part Poly-Strong PS 41 (by volume), depending on desired mix and finished appearance.

    Application: Apply material generously on the floor and work into the surface using a metal smoother, rigid-edged trowel or screeding device. Monitor surface for air holes resulting from entrapped air and re-apply as needed. In some cases, more than one coat will be required for best results. If two coats are desired, first coat should be ground off prior to installing a second coat. It is very important to monitor the viscosity and spreadability of the product during the application process. When product begins to thicken and application is more labored, it will not penetrate surface pores as effectively. Accordingly, it is recommended to mix only manageable batches that can be dispensed quickly with available labor. We recommend starting with a 16 oz. mixture (8 oz. Part A: 8 oz. Part B) to establish workable batch sizes. Note: Material and/or concrete surface temperature will affect working application time.

    Product Removal (When Used as Grout): For best results in removing cured Poly-Strong PS 41 cap/film, use 80/120 metals or transitional diamonds. Use the least aggressive tooling possible to avoid exposing additional holes/imperfections. Removal of cured product should be performed as soon as cure allows. The earliest typical removal time is 40 minutes (20 minutes if using Accelerator Pack). Latest recommended removal time is 1-1/2 hours after placement. Longer delays will result in more difficultly in removing product and/or the potential need to use more aggressive tooling. These times may vary depending on temperature of product and concrete surface and type of equipment and tooling used.

    Product Removal (When Used as Repair Material): Poly-Strong PS 41, when used as a repair mortar, should be allowed to cure for 2 hours or more prior to removing overfill material. Overfill can be removed with a diamond cup wheel or similar. If pin holes are present at the surface, fine grouting with additional Poly-Strong PS 41 neat may be desired.

    Defect Preparation and Repair

    Remove all loose concrete chips, spalls, islands, etc. back to structurally sound concrete. Repair area should be completely free of dust, debris, dirt, oils and moisture prior to application of material. For best defect penetration, floor should be thoroughly prepared mechanically with abrasive brushes and vacuumed clean.

    Surface Defects/Spalls

    For best results in achieving a flush repair surface profile, we recommend pre-filling defects larger than a 1/4” diameter flush or slightly high with either Poly-Strong PS 55 or add modification material to the Poly-Strong PS 41. Poly-Strong PS 41 can be modified with dried sand aggregate. If using a modified Poly-Strong PS 41, allow for adequate cure time prior to grinding/grouting (typically 2 hours).

    Random Cracks

    Cracks up to 1/8” (3 mm) in width should be cleaned using a Nyalox wheel, soft wire wheel or brush and vacuumed prior to filling. Fill/overfill crack with Poly-Strong PS 41 and allow material to cure slightly (approximately 15 minutes) prior to coating the entire floor area with Poly-Strong PS 41. For cracks wider than 1/8” (3 mm) or cracks where continual movement is suspected, an alternate recommended repair method is to rout out the crack using a diamond blade to a depth of 1/2” (12 mm) to 3/4” (18 mm) and filling the crack with a semi-rigid joint filler such as Poly-Strong PS 55 joint filler.

    Drying Time:

    Working: 5-8 min Tack Free: 20 min Grindable: 40 min


    Coverage will vary depending upon porosity of floor, profile after initial grinding, and number and severity of surface deficiencies. As a general guideline, expected coverage is 435 sq. ft. - 875 sq. ft. per gallon.

    Shelf Life:

    One (1) year in tightly sealed, unopened container.


    Poly-Strong PS 41 is designed primarily for fine grouting and not for use in repairing surface defects larger than 1/2” unless modified with sand aggregate. Depending upon surface conditions and/or environmental conditions, more than one coat of product may be required. Poly-Strong PS 41 may exhibit slight color change or shifting if exposed to UV emitting lighting sources. PS 41 will exhibit a moisture reaction on damp or wet surfaces repair area should be dry.

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