Aliphatic urethane is the type of urethane that is most commonly used as the topcoat for epoxy floor systems. There are two other types of urethane: aromatic and waterborne. Aliphatic, however, is a better choice for concrete sealing because it will not turn to the color amber when exposed to UV light (from the sun), like aromatic urethanes will.

While waterborne urethanes also will not amber, they are not as strong as aliphatic, which offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, as well as strong color and gloss retention. Aliphatic urethanes are most well known for offering UV stability and protection from the suns rays, and are highly resistant to severe weather, due to their chemical composition. Their bonds are extremely strong, and they typically last for a long time.

Urethanes in general are used as a topcoat for epoxy floor systems, meaning they rarely are used as a standalone product. Epoxy floor systems are a series of products that are used on rougher floors that feature heavy traffic, such as in airports, commercial retail stores, or industrial settings. They typically consist of a primary coat of a basic epoxy, designed to bond to the substrate on the surface, much like an acrylic surface sealer. Because the particles of material are larger than with penetrating sealers, the epoxy will not delve within the concrete, instead pooling on the surface to be spread out evenly during application.

After this epoxy base coat, you are ready to add the urethane topcoat. An aliphatic urethane, while slightly more expensive than aromatic, is really the only choice of topcoat. Aromatic will yellow at the slightest sunlight and will also not last nearly as long, as it is not as strong of a bond.

Ghostshield offers an aliphatic urethane product Max Wear Urethane 960. The Max Wear Urethane 960 is a two-component urethane and is a great choices as a topcoat for your epoxy-sealed floors that offer an excellent level of protection.

The Max Wear Urethane 960 is best used as a top coat to the Epoxy Max 100 basecoat.

Why Ghostshield?

Epoxy Max 100 Basecoat - Buy Now & Max Wear Urethane 960 Topcoat - Buy Now

  • Completely repels the penetration of oils, greases acids and chemicals allowing for easy clean up; wipe up messes without any intensive scrubbing
  • Extremely abrasion resistant; you do not have to worry about hot tire pick up, or the coating peeling or delaminating.
  • Excellent hardness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and flexibility
  • More durable, scratch and scruff resistant than other traditional urethanes
  • Easy to use and apply, labor-cost effective
  • Leaves a clear or colored, satin gloss finish
  • Best used for industrial applications. If you are looking for an aliphatic urethane for a residential application use the Epoxy 325 primer and Urethane 645 topcoat.
  • Lifespan: +10 Years
325 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Epoxy 325

Water-Based Epoxy Basecoat

960 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Max Wear Urethane 960

Satin-Finish Urethane Topcoat

645 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Urethane 645

High-Gloss Urethane Topcoat

100 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Epoxy Max 100

100% Solids Epoxy Basecoat

Published Monday 15th of July 2024 // Updated Thursday 14th of September 2023

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