While penetrating and acrylic concrete sealers have their place in protecting and defending your concrete, epoxies can often be the right solution for your particular project. Epoxies are a type of solution that will provide solid and thorough protection through its coating. While it can be used as a standalone coating system, epoxy systems are even more popular.

Epoxy systems are step-by-step processes that include an epoxy basecoat like the Epoxy Max 100 and topcoat like the Armor-Tek 830. Typically, an epoxy will first be directly applied to the concrete substrate. This epoxy coating will be spread over the entire concrete surface, providing a solid layer of protection. After this layer, a topcoat typically a urethane will be applied over the epoxy base coat. This topcoat will be a substance that will dry clear, protecting the color and the epoxy base layers from spillage and other chemical or environmental conditions.

Epoxies are a great choice for concrete surfaces that are marked by roughness and scratches. As they are a thicker, heavier substance, they offer comprehensive protection across the entirety of your floors or walls.

830 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Armor-Tek 830

Interior or Exterior Coating

100 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Epoxy Max 100

100% Solids Epoxy Basecoat

Published Wednesday 15th of May 2024 // Updated Thursday 14th of September 2023

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