One of the most frustrating moments in home ownership must be finding oil stains on your shop floor. However it happened, and regardless of who is to blame, the problem is almost irreversible while there are a number of do-it-yourself home remedies, they only serve to help mitigate the stain, rather than erasing it completely. If you have an oil stain, it will likely remain there forever, even if it may only be a subtle shadow.

Wouldn't it be better to take easy steps to prevent any oil stains in the first place? Your garage floor is likely made of concrete, one of the most durable materials on earth. However, it is also a material made up of crushed stone, cement, water, and air, all of which have bound to form concrete. The negative to this mixture is the large number of tiny air bubbles that naturally occur in concrete; these air bubbles are what let the oil seep into the material, as well being what makes it so difficult to fully remove stains.

In order to effectively protect your garage floor from stains, oil or otherwise, you need to seal your floor with a good concrete sealer. Concrete sealers help protect your concrete from natural elements, such as water damage, as well as from inadvertent error, like the spilling of oil. However, as there are a number of different chemical formulas for concrete sealers, you want to find the product that best suits your needs: protection from oil stains.

Silane/Siloxane blend sealers like the Siloxa-Tek 8510 would be a good option for a concrete shop floor. The silane/siloxane has larger particles that offer a more comprehensive surface protection and these particular products are formulated with a proprietary fluropolymer to make them resistant to staining.

However, an epoxy like the Epoxy Max 100 and a topcoat like the Armor-Tek 830 would be the best option if you are looking for an incredibly durable coating. The built up surface protection will leave the oil pooled on top of the concrete for an easy clean up, rather than leaking into the pores of the concrete to leave a nasty stain. They also make cleaning extremely easy and leave a beautiful gloss or satin finish, available clear or colored.

Why Ghostshield?

Siloxa-Tek 8510 / Penetrating Water, Salt & Oil Repellent: Buy Now

  • Resists oil and grease making stains easy to clean
  • Stops deicing salt and chloride damage protecting concrete from spalling, pitting, cracking and freeze-thaw
  • Reduces water seepage by up to 95%
  • Resists mold & mildew reducing cleaning frequency
  • Leaves a natural finish, will not change the look of the substrate
  • Non-yellowing and UV stable. Will never peel, flake or delaminate

Epoxy Max 100 Primer - Buy Now & Armor-Tek 830 Topcoat - Buy Now

  • Completely repels the penetration of oils, greases acids and chemicals allowing for easy clean up
  • Wipe up messes without any intensive scrubbing
  • Extremely abrasion resistant; you do not have to worry about hot tire pick up, or the coating peeling or delaminating.
  • Leaves a clear or colored, satin or gloss finish
  • Lifespan: +10 Years
8510 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Siloxa-Tek 8510

Water, Salt & Oil Repel +

830 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Armor-Tek 830

Interior or Exterior Coating

100 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Epoxy Max 100

100% Solids Epoxy Basecoat

Published Monday 15th of July 2024 // Updated Thursday 14th of September 2023

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