Much has been said about hot tire pickup and the damage it causes to concrete garages, driveways and parking lots. What is hot tire pick up? Hot tire pickup occurs after hot tires cool down and sink into the concrete causing peeling or delamination of a coating where the tire meets the concrete.

Over time this change in temperature causes a coating that is not hot tire pickup resistant to fail. In order to prevent this from happening it is imperative that you apply an industrial grade concrete coating to the concrete. By using Epoxy 325 in conjunction with Urethane 645, hot tire pickup will no longer be a problem. Using Epoxy 325 alone will protect the concrete and provide chemical and abrasion resistance but in order to make the coating completely undestroyable apply Urethane 645 on top of the Epoxy 325 for unbeatable protection.

Since Urethane 645 is an aliphatic polyester blend it is practically indestructible providing incredible abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and of course hot tire pickup resistance while remaining UV stable. If there are already tire marks on the concrete before a coating is applied you need to make sure the concrete is clean with a rough surface porosity in order for the coating to adequately adhere. Even if you have not had an issue with tire marks you need to make sure the concrete is clean with a rough surface porosity to accept the coating. Improper surface preparation can result in a coating failing if the floor is not clean enough to receive the coating. You also need to make sure there are no withstanding moisture issues since moisture can also cause delamination.

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Published Wednesday 13th of July 2022 // Updated Sunday 11th of July 2021

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