Concrete Sealer Densifiers

Concrete densifiers are a must have and one of the most commonly requested sealers in the concrete industry. Have you ever seen the gorgeous smooth polished floors of a big box hardware store? In order to achieve this look you apply a concrete densifier and then polish the concrete to a nice sheen. When you apply a densifier to raw concrete it seeps into all of the pores and the capillary voids creating a harder, denser concrete surface. This creates the ideal environment for the next step, polishing. You want the concrete to be as hard as possible since if you were to grind or polish the floor without first using a densifier the concrete would be more apt to deterioration.

Concrete densifiers are of a silicate chemistry - of either a lithium, sodium or potassium carrier. Sodium silicates have been around for over a century and were the first original densifiers. The problem many people have when applying a silicate sealer to concrete is a problem of whitening, or surface bloom. This can result with over application and it leaves an unsightly concrete appearance. Sodium silicates are excellent for densifying because if over application whitening occurs it will be polished off when you polish the floors. Lithium silicates are also excellent densifiers, of a newer technology that creates an even stronger and more beautiful finish. By using a concrete densifier and then polishing the concrete, dusting will be non-existent.

Ghostshield offers two state of the art options for densifying concrete: Sila-Tek 3500 and Lithi-Tek 4500. What sets these two sealers apart from other concrete densifiers on the market is their molecular nano technology formulas and the constant evolution the formulas undergo. Many companies have been selling and using the same sealers for decades without changing the formulas. The Ghostshield products are constantly improving to offer consumers the most advanced concrete densifiers available.

Sila-Tek 3500

Concrete densifier & hardener

Lithi-Tek 4500

Concrete densifier & hardener

Published Wednesday 22nd of January 2014 // Updated Wednesday 28th of June 2017

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