Although it seems as if winter will never end, when the snow actually starts to melt basements are at high risk for flooding if a waterproofing concrete sealer, sump pump or other means of protection have not been implemented. Because of their close proximity to the water table, basement foundations are susceptible to large amounts of water vapor transmission and hydrostatic pressure.

The best way of combating these forces is to use Lithi-Tek 9500.

The unique blend of lithium silicate and siliconate in this formula and the use of molecular nano technology make it an industry leader. Why is nanotechnology important in a waterproofing concrete sealer? By deconstructing the atomic components of our sealer on the nanoscale vs. the macroscale, changed properties result from the changed size and structure. The manipulation of our nanoparticles and the way they are then structurally assembled results in the most technologically advanced and engineered formulations. Water moisture and migration are permanently ended. Lithi-Tek 9500 is an uniquely transparent, blended formula with added enzymes and surfactants that aide in accelerating a deeper penetrating disbursement. Thus eliciting a more effective, uniformed chemical reaction between our formula and the concrete / masonry substrate its being applied to.

Unlike traditional silicates that only densify but do not combat water, our silicate/siliconate blend is penetrating and topical all-in-one without the chipping, flaking and delimitation common with topical sealers. By sealing from the inside out, concrete is densified, hardened, dust-proofed and resistant to mold, mildew, efflorescence, radon and of course water. The invisible hydrophobic barrier created from our formula will outperform, outlive and outlast any other concrete sealer / waterproofing product, guaranteed.

9500 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Lithi-Tek 9500


Published Wednesday 15th of May 2024 // Updated Tuesday 9th of March 2021

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