Epoxy Concrete Sealer

If you have a project that involves a concrete surface and needs a concrete sealer, there are a number of different options available to you. Epoxies are the sealer of choice for a number of high traffic projects that need to protect concrete surfaces from scratches, abrasions, chemical spills, heat, and many other such dangers that plague environments like industrial warehouses, large retail stores, and even airports.

If you are looking for an epoxy sealer, you should choose the Epoxy 325. The Epoxy 325 is a high quality sealer that seals your concrete to leave a translucent layer that will protect the concrete from chemical spills, acid spills, excessive exposure to heat, scratches, abrasions, and many other potential threats to the concrete slabs structural integrity and visual appeal. The Epoxy 325 actually works best as part of an epoxy floor system. Epoxy floor systems are systems that mix the preventative and protective aspects of a few different types of sealers. The Epoxy 325 particularly works best when paired with the Urethane 645 or the Polyaspartic 745, depending on what your particular project entails.

The Epoxy 325 on its own offers substantive protection, but that protection can be increased dramatically when paired with a urethane topcoat. The Polyaspartic 745 and the Urethane 645 are both types of urethanes the only difference is that the Polyaspartic 745 dries significantly faster than the Urethane 645, which can be a necessity for such projects as sealing the floor of a large retail store that needs to be open the next morning. Whatever your project requires, use the Epoxy 325 as a basecoat, followed by the Urethane 645 or Polyaspartic 745 for a clear, strong topcoat to help ensure your concrete reaches its full potential.

Epoxy 325

Semi gloss concrete coating

Polyaspartic 745

High gloss countertop coating

Urethane 645

High gloss concrete coating

Published Friday 28th of March 2014 // Updated Tuesday 11th of July 2017

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