If you ever find yourself faced with a concrete slab that is too drab and bland for its surrounding environment, you will need to know how to add some visual appeal to the concrete. One of the best ways to do this is to use a concrete dye.

Concrete dyes come in a number of vibrant colors, such as blue, yellow, and red. Furthermore, they can be mixed together on-site to create other colors according to the traditional color wheel. For instance, you can create a green dye by mixing blue and yellow, or purple by mixing red and blue. The flexibility and variety of the dyes makes for an inexpensive and effective way of coloring your concrete.

The dyes themselves are translucent with small particles that allow the substance to penetrate within the concrete. It is important to remember that they will not conceal or cover over unwanted colors or stains. However, for an unmarked surface of concrete, the dyes are a perfect choice. They can also be added to a previously colored concrete surface, though you must be aware that the colors will blend together. Because they are penetrating, they are extremely easy to apply, and their small particles ensure little residue left over after the application.

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Published Friday 15th of September 2023 // Updated Tuesday 9th of March 2021

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