How to Diamond Grind Concrete

If you moved into a home, or perhaps purchased a building to serve as a new location for your business, you have no control over how the previous occupant(s) preserved the concrete. Concrete, while incredibly durable and long lasting, can crumble and degrade long before it is supposed to. The many steps of the concrete mixing, curing, and pouring process offer opportunities for mistakes that can leave the concrete vulnerable to gradual wear. Similarly, once the concrete is poured and cured properly, it still needs to be treated with a high quality concrete sealer before it can reach its maximum potential strength and longevity.

However, as you cannot often control these circumstances, it is important to find ways to fix blemished and degraded concrete after the fact. While concrete that is too far gone is extremely expensive to fix, there remain options if you catch the degradation early enough. There are a number of options that work for various types of concrete problems: polishing, sealing, acid etching, etc. One of the best options for a concrete surface marred with a variety of surface imperfections, diamond grinding is the best way to effectively fix the concrete without spending too much money.

Diamond grinding concrete is a relatively straightforward process that will require the renting of equipment. As concrete is an extremely strong material, one of the only ways to smoothly grind away a blemished surface is to use the strongest material found on earth: diamond. Diamond grinders can be rented at most hardware stores, and the process itself is easy enough: just follow the instructions that come with your particular machine and evenly run over the surface of the blemished concrete with the grinder.

The end result will be a concrete surface etched with tiny lines. These lines will not only help your concrete surface become level and blemish-free, but they will also significantly help increase the slip resistance of your concrete. And, while diamond grinding isnt necessarily difficult, it is not something you want to do every year. Fortunately, diamond grinding will last around sixteen to seventeen years before it needs to be redone.

Published Friday 20th of December 2013 // Updated Tuesday 11th of July 2017

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