As a relative newcomer to the concrete protection scene, polyaspartics are fast becoming a popular option for home and business owners, contractors, and anyone else wanting to protect their concrete. While much of the information found on the Internet about polyaspartics features complicated technical language that is difficult to understand, polyaspartics are basically a polymer-based coating material used to protect concrete surfaces.

Polyaspartics are a type of polyurea, which means they are a two-part system in which a resin is mixed with a catalyst to cause a curing reaction that hardens the material. Traditionally, polyureas have been difficult and complicated to apply, as their short pot-life of around 3-5 seconds meant the two materials had to be mixed immediately to ensure hardening. However, polyaspartics represent an evolution in technology with a longer pot-life, rapid curing, and other such benefits.

The benefits of polyaspartics make the material ideal for many tougher sealing jobs. They can be applied at nearly any temperature, easily bonding to the concrete surface and curing to full strength from 30-60 minutes. Offering superior stain resistance and thorough UV protection, polyaspartics can withstand high temperatures without showing any signs of damage or coloring. Industrially, polyaspartics are widely used on bridges, protecting those structures from corrosion, UV radiation, and a general weakening of the concrete.

Polyaspartics are just as effective for more typical daily tasks as well. They are an excellent choice for protecting concrete garage floors as they are anti-abrasive, fast-curing, and highly resistant to stains from liquids such as oil. Kitchen countertops are another ideal place to use polyaspartics, as they are resistant to even highly acidic liquids like lemon juice or red wine while protecting the countertops from high heat. All of these benefits, especially the anti-abrasion and fast application, make polyaspartics equally suited for commercial floors. More and more contractors are opting to use polyaspartics for commercial floors, applying the product that will be ready for heavy foot-traffic within hours.

Polyaspartic 745 is an excellent option for someone looking for all the benefits of a good polyaspartic sealer. Polyaspartic 745 features a short pot-life of 15-20 minutes with 160 g/L of VOCs.

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Polyaspartic 745

High Gloss Coating

Published Monday 20th of December 2021 // Updated Tuesday 9th of March 2021

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