Siloxa-Tek 8500 Advantages

You are probably looking for a sealer for one of two reasons: to preventatively seal new concrete or because your concrete is already experiencing damage and you are trying to prevent additional corrosive damage. Concrete is composed of portland cememt, aggregate and water. Concrete may also be reinforced with steel to increase strength and add durability. Initial strength of concrete is determined by the water to cement ratio. If too much water was used in the mix, there will be an increase in capillary pores and a loss of rigidity. The correct ratios on the other hand will result in additional weathering and aging resistance. If incorrect ratios were used, serious damage can occur within a short time frame.

Hydrophobic impregnating sealers will preventatively preserve concrete and masonry against weathering and damage. Repairing unsealed concrete is ten times more expensive than preventatively sealing with a hydrophobic impregnating sealer like the Siloxa-Tek 8500. Damage to concrete most always involves moisture. Although water is an important component in making concrete, it can also be destructive. Water and aggressive substances like chloride and road salts are primary causes for damaged concrete driveways, sidewalks, roads and bridges.

There are two types of waterproofing sealing options available. Hydrophobic impregnating sealers and film forming coatings. Film forming coatings and acrylic sealers are at high risk for delamination since they are not breathable and do not allow moisture to pass through. Moreover a damaged film coating can lead to damage since water and salts can easily penetrating through damaged sections. By using the impregnating 8500, protection stems from outstanding water repellency and durability. The 8500 outperforms rival products in its resistnace to physical, chemical and microbiological attack. Impregnation with the 8500 will preserve concrete structures for a longtime.

Siloxa-Tek 8500 Advantages:

  • Reduction in water uptake
  • Chloride barrier is formed
  • Retention of high water vapor permeability
  • Extensive penetration
  • High UV Resistance
  • Alkali Resistance
  • Natural, non-tacky, non-shiny non-yellowing finish
  • Blocks water to protect concrete from water and moisture
  • Blocks salts and forms a barrier to chlorides and road salts
  • Blocks corrosion so reinforcing steel does not rust so the concrete can remain in tact
  • Blocks frost damage through highly effective water repellency.

Siloxa-Tek 8500

Penetrating water & salt repel

Published Thursday 19th of June 2014 // Updated Tuesday 11th of July 2017

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