If you own a retail or commercial building, you know that a high quality, visually appealing floor is a must. Without that crucial, and often overlooked piece, the entire building could seem cheap and off, casting doubt on your entire enterprise.

A thin mil epoxy floor coating system is a multi-step process manufactured and designed to protect your high performance floors. The system is suitable for a variety of different chemical exposure environments, as its high quality components all work together to resist stains from most chemicals. With its urethane topcoat it features UV color stability and excellent wear characteristics. As a thin mil system, it is made up of a water-based epoxy and a urethane topcoat for wear, helping to protect your floors while offering comprehensive protection.

Ghostshield recommends the following products in the Thin Mil Epoxy Floor Coating System:

Basecoat: Epoxy 325 is a water-based, two component, epoxy designed to prime concrete floors.Top Coat: Urethane 645 is a solvent-based two-component clear polyester/aliphatic polyurethane coating.

325 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Epoxy 325

Water-Based Epoxy Basecoat

645 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Urethane 645

High-Gloss Urethane Topcoat

Published Monday 15th of July 2024 // Updated Thursday 14th of September 2023

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