Concrete Cure and Seal


Iso-Cure 8525

Water Repellent
Salt Repellent

This penetrating silane cure & seal concrete sealer holds moisture in a protective film helping concrete fully hydrate. While simultaneously preventing water & salt penetration and protecting against freeze-thaw cycling.

The Iso-Cure 8525 is a cure and seal for freshly poured exterior concrete that penetrates the substrate preventing water and de-icing salt penetration while also leaving a film. This film holds in moisture by helping concrete fully hydrate. The silane component of this product provides long term protection against water and deciding salt damage.

By using this product instead of a traditional cure and seal, you bypass the step of having to apply a penetrating sealer 28 days after the initial cure and seal application. Not only does this save time but it reduces labor costs and the concrete is ready to use weeks sooner.

The Iso-Cure 8525 is applied with a low pressure airless sprayer as soon as all bleed water has dissipated and within 2 hours of the final finish.

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