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Fluro-Free Stain Shield

Engineered to perfection, this formulation not only delivers unmatched resistance against water, food stains and oil, but also provides a non-slip, low satin sheen. This product is a completely breathable concrete surface stain repellent.

Pro-Shield™ 8506 serves as a fluoro-free (free of PFAS, without any long-term environmental health impacts), film-free, stain shield, safeguarding smooth concrete floors from a range of intrusive substances like water, ketchup, coffee, vinegar, oil, grease, and more.

Best Used on Smooth Concrete

Use the Pro-Shield™ 8506 on a variety of smooth, power-troweled concrete applications where oil, grease, and staining are the primary concern. (Not recommended for polished or broom finished concrete). It's easily applied with a low-pressure sprayer, roller or brush, and provides long-lasting protection helping to make clean up easier.

  • Smooth Concrete Surfaces
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Garage Floors
  • Commercial Kitchens/Restaurants
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Brick/Masonry/Pavers
  • Broom Finished Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Rough Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Polished Concrete
Supporting photo - Pro-Shield 8506

Dries with a Subtle Low Sheen

Ever so slightly enhances concrete with a UV stable, subtle low sheen finish that will not break down with light exposure.

Repels Water

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Resists Oil

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Resists Staining

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Enhances Colors

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Which is Best for You?

  • 8510 Concrete Sealer Bottle Image
    Siloxa-Tek 8510
    Protects Against
    Water, Oil & Salt
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  • /product/pro-shield-8506 Concrete Sealer Bottle Image
    Pro-Shield 8506
    Protects Against
    Water, Food Stains & Oil
    Satin or Gloss
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  • 8505 Concrete Sealer Bottle Image
    Siloxa-Tek 8505
    Protects Against
    Water, Oil & Salt
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    Concentrated & Ready-to-Use

Product Details

    • First true alternative to fluoro-chemistry stain technology - Exceeds stain performance and cleaning capabilities of fluorocarbons or polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) without any of the potentially adverse long-term environmental and health impacts.
    • Composition / Nanotechnology - Contains high-performance hydrophobic agents and advanced oleophobic fluoro-free micropolymers. Its smaller molecular structure allows for deeper penetration, increasing performance and service-life.
    • Excellent water & salt repellency - Penetrates deep within the concrete without cross-linking. Bonds within the pores and capillaries creating a long-lasting hydrophobic, stain-free surface.
    • Resist staining from oil, grease & food exposure - Proprietary fluoro-free additives make oil and grease stains easier to clean and remove from treated surfaces decreasing maintenance requirements.
    • 100% breathable - Non-film forming. Allows moisture within the concrete to escape without adverse effects to the sealer. Does not trap moisture inside concrete.
    • Reduces concrete dusting - Provides ease of maintenance, resist ASR / Alkali attack.
    • Protects against salt penetration - Forms an effective salt/chloride screen dramatically reducing chloride ion ingress preventing deicing salt / chloride damage.
    • Stops moisture intrusion - Resists wind-driven rain, prevents freeze-thaw damage, spalling, pitting and cracking.
    • Resist atmospheric staining - Resists mold, mildew, lichen, efflorescence and dirt pick up.
    • Improved Stain Resistance - Provides superior stain protection without changing the aesthetics or forming a solid coating on the surface of the concrete.
    • Improves durability - Prevents capillary uptake of water and the aggressive substances dissolved within.
    • Resists freeze thaw and thermal cycling damage
    • Low satin sheen finish - Slightly enhances concrete, UV stable will not breakdown with light exposure.
    • Can be applied to cured concrete - Best used on smooth concrete substrates, (not polished concrete) compatible with silicate densifiers.
    • Water based
    • Low VOC’s, environmentally friendly
  • Surface Prep

    1. New freshly poured (green) concrete must be properly cured. Concrete should obtain 80% of its original design strength (typically achieved) within 14-28 days.
    2. The concrete substrate must be structurally sound and clean of oil, grease, dirt, wax, curing compounds, efflorescence, paints, previous sealers, adhesives, efflorescence and other contaminants that might interfere with the penetration of the sealer. Power wash, acid etch, strip, scrub or mechanically scarify as necessary to achieve the desired surface condition. You may also use propane or acetylene torching if necessary. Allow for proper dry time before application. The surface-zone moisture content of the concrete should not exceed 4% wt. Do not apply if standing water is visible.
    3. Surface and air temperatures must be at least 40°F during application. Surface and air temperatures should not exceed 95°F. Do not apply when temperatures are expected to fall below 40°F within 8 hours or when rain is expected within 12 hours following application. Keep material from freezing. If freezing conditions exist before application, let the substrate thaw before application. Do not apply during inclement weather or when inclement weather is expected within 12 hours.
    4. Crack, patching and expansion joint sealants can be applied before or after application; always test for compatibility and adhesion.
    5. Protect people, property, vehicles, window glass, roofing materials, plastic products, shrubbery, landscaping and all surfaces not set for treatment from overspray.


    1. Always test a small area before application to ensure desired outcome, performance, aesthetics, coverage rate and to verify application technique. Let test area dry thoroughly 24 hours before inspection.
    2. Shake thoroughly prior to use. To prevent separation of formula, we recommend shaking periodically (every 3-5 minutes) during the application process. Do not dilute or alter material for purposes other than specified.
    3. Pro-Shield™ 8506 is applied to achieve the desired effect. One (1) coat of the solution should be applied to provide adequate protection against water and stains.
    4. Apply to the surface using a soft, lint-free cloth, sponge, roller, paint-brush, or low pressure pump sprayer. Apply in a uniform manner to ensure a consistent appearance. We recommend a grid- like pattern. Be sure not to drip, spill, or spray excess material onto the surface prior to application. Drips, spills or excess material should be removed to prevent inconsistencies in any surface enhancement. If it starts to rain, stop treatment and cover the treated areas.

    Dry Time

    Typical drying time is 24 hours at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Cooler temperatures or higher relative humidity can extend the drying time. Treated surfaces will be ready for pedestrian and vehicle traffic within 24 hours.

    Clean Up

    Clean equipment, tools and surfaces with hot soapy water. Unused or old material may be disposed of in a waste disposal site in accordance with local, state and federal laws. Precautions/Safety - Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing, do not take internally. Use appropriate safety equipment during application and handling. Please refer to the safety data sheet (SDS) for additional precautionary instructions before use.

    Best Performance

    • Proper application is the responsibility of the user.
    • Excessive rolling during application may cause foaming or bubbling that can lead to inconsistencies in the surface enhancement.
    • Will not inhibit water penetration through unsound or cracked surfaces with defective flashing, caulking or structural waterproofing.
    • Spills should not be allowed to sit for extended periods of time, clean all spills in a timely manner.
    • Make sure the most current versions of product data sheets and safety data sheets are being used.


    1 coat: 200-400 square feet per gallon. Variations in texture and porosity of substrate will affect the coverage and performance of the product.

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