Photo of How to Prevent Concrete from Cracking

How to Prevent Concrete from Cracking

Contrary to popular belief, concrete is extremely porous. While it is very hard, it also has millions of tiny pores and microscopic cracks. Looking at concrete under magnification reveals the pore and capillary structure. It is remarkable how many tiny voids there are. There are a number of ways that concrete gets destroyed and damaged but the most common reasons are de-icing salts and...
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Photo of Wet-on-Wet Applicatoin

Wet-on-Wet Applicatoin

A wet-on-wet application method is recommended when applying penetrating products in order to drive penetration and get the {substrate} to absorb as much sealer as possible.

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Photo of Solvent-Based Acrylic Sealers

Solvent-Based Acrylic Sealers

If you have concrete in your home such as a garage floor, basement walls, or roof tiles you know that you need to seal these surfaces in order to protect them and ensure they last as long as they...

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