While summer may seem like a lifetime away, we are all looking forward to warmer temperatures that will allow for backyard entertaining. When family, friends, and neighbors come to your house, you want to have presentable backyard patio complete with a sealed and protected area that has a beautiful decorative finish or maybe you are looking for a sealer that will be able to resist BBQ grease and wine stains. Pavers are extremely popular building materials that are used on driveways, walkways and patios.

Look no further than Ghostshield's Cryli-Tek 5500 or Siloxa-Tek 8500/Siloxa-Tek 8505 depending on the desired finish.

Cryli-Tek 5500 is an acrylic based sealer designed to provide an enhanced surface appearance. Cryli-Tek 5500 is specially formulated to seal decorative pavers giving them a subtle slight sheen without excessive shine or slipperiness. Cryli-Tek 5500 is water based without the objectionable solvent odors associated with solvent based sealers. The best part is the treated surfaces will not chip, flake, delaminate, or breakdown with UV light exposure.

Siloxa-Tek 8500 is an excellent product if you are looking for a natural finish. It is also a long lasting paver sealer since you only need to reapply it every 10 years. The Siloxa-Tek 8500 provides excellent water repellency and beading and it is resistant to deicing salts and chlorides. Although it will not enhance pavers it will provide the best protection. If you are looking for staining protection the best option to use is the Siloxa-Tek 8505; it provides all of the beneifts of the Siloxa-Tek 8500 with additional resistance to oils, BBQ grease, and fluids.

8505 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Siloxa-Tek 8505

Water, Salt & Oil Repel

8500 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Siloxa-Tek 8500

Water & Salt Repel

5500 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Cryli-Tek 5500

Water-Based Wet Look

Published Wednesday 13th of July 2022 // Updated Monday 26th of April 2021

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