One of the most incredible modern marvels of building and construction has to be the skyscraper. Soaring into the sky from the ground, thrust into the clouds to stand majestic in the skyline among the lesser, squat buildings, skyscrapers have revolutionized urban planning and how we used space.

High-rise buildings, a designation that includes skyscrapers as well as their less vertically-gifted cousins, are just as ubiquitous and common in any city. Their importance to the continued growth and effectiveness of cities cannot be overstated.

However, high-rise buildings also pose more danger than would a smaller structure. Towering as high as they do, these structures are at risk of collapse if they are made improperly, or if there are imperfections in the concrete. Concrete, while an incredibly stable and strong material, can nonetheless be plagued by a variety of issues over time. Its method of mixture leaves a large number of pores and hairline cracks within the material. This network of cracks and pores allows for the passage of water into the material. If the buildings are built in a colder climate, this water can freeze in the winter and thaw in the summer, leading to large cracks. Even if the concrete is located in a warmer climate, there are still numerous opportunities for cracks, crumbling, and damage.

On a smaller building, this type of damage would potentially be negligible, unimportant to the daily functioning of the structure. However, on a high-rise building, such damage can be disastrous. Even the potential for damage can ruin a companys reputation and lead to the building being condemned.

Fortunately there is a cost-effective way to protect the concrete featured in high-rise buildings. After the concrete has been mixed, poured, and cured, it should be treated with a high-quality concrete sealer, which will help it retain its strength and longevity as well as resist carboniation, salt damage and corrosion. A sealer like the Iso-Tek 8501 will provide penetrating protection. The particles of sealant penetrate into the concrete and since the product is thixotropic it will not run or sag down the concrete. This gives the concrete enough time to absorp the sealer and achieve a targeted consumption depth. The Iso-Tek 8501 has been used on the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere and is a great choice for high-rise buildings.

8501 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Iso-Tek 8501

High-Density Sealer

Published Monday 15th of July 2024 // Updated Monday 26th of April 2021

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