Best Sealer for Birdbaths and Fountains

Concrete birdbaths and fountains are often overlooked when it comes to concrete sealer options. Continue reading to learn how to seal a concrete birdbath or fountain and what the best concrete sealer is.

Birdbaths and fountains are frequently constructed out of concrete and should be treated with a concrete sealer in order to presevere their life, prevent cracking, water penetration and mold. Especially since concrete birdbaths and fountains are submerged in water a concrete sealer will help to reduce theporosity.

How to seal a concrete birdbath or fountain:

  1. All standing and flowing water must be draind from the birdbath and fountain prior to sealing.
  2. Concrete must be clean and free of previous sealers and paints.
  3. The birdbath and fountain must be completely dry before sealing.
  4. Fill in any cracks in which water may be leaking through.
  5. Use a penetrating concrete sealer to seal the birdbath and fountain.

Fountains and birdbaths are examples of some of the aesthetic additions that can make a difference on your abodes visual appeal. You will certainly want to protect your investment by using a penetrating concrete sealer to seal your birdbath and fountains.

Apply the penetrating concrete sealer wet-on-wet. What does wet-on-wet mean? Apply the second coat immediately after the first coat while the first coat is still wet. This can range anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes.

Let the penetrating concrete sealer fully cure for 24 hours after application before refilling the birdbath or fountain with water.

Why Ghostshield?

We recommend applying three to four coats of the SILOXA-TEK 8510 penetrating concrete sealer wet-on-wet. The Siloxa-Tek 8510 concrete sealer will help to reduce moisture seepage, prevent mold and mildew growth and it is the best solution to help seal a concrete fountain or birdbath.

Siloxa-Tek 8510

Penetrating water & oil repel

Published Sunday 24th of November 2013 // Updated Thursday 16th of August 2018

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