How to Protect Concrete Countertops

We have all been there, that time you were on your third glass of wine and the bottle looked a little closer than it was leaving a permanent red stain on the island. From spilled lemonade to splashes of tomato sauce, if left unsealed concrete countertops are highly exposed and at risk. Continue reading to learn how to protect concrete countertops with a concrete countertop sealer.

With all the time and investment you have made into installing the concrete countertops of your dreams, you are at the point where you want a concrete sealer that is nearly maintenance free and can stand up to almost anything spilled on it. Despite concrete’s strong and resilient appearance, it is extremely porous and susceptible to staining from acids, oils and wine immediately upon contact.

In order to protect the concrete countertops it is essential that you seal them with a concrete countertop sealer as soon as possible. Concrete countertops are constantly in use and exposed to household staining and water penetration so reapplication of the concrete countertop sealer is required.

Manage your expectations: Penetrating sealers are great for keeping the natural beauty and appearance of the concrete itself but they do require a maintenance plan. Always remember to take great care and clean up any spills in a timely manner. As with any sealer, always use a cutting board and don’t cut directly on the concrete countertop.

Penetrating sealers are great for keeping the natural look and texture of the concrete but require some additional maintenance and more frequent reapplication. For extra protection use a concrete countertop wax which will protect the concrete countertops from additional staining.

Why Ghostshield?

High Gloss Durable Concrete Coating:While looking for a stain proof, zero maintenance concrete sealer may be unrealistic from a penetrating concrete sealer, a concrete coating such as the POLYASPARTIC 745 is one of the most durable options out there. The Polyaspartic 745 is a concrete coating that stands up to anything you can spill on it, every time.

Natural Finish Concrete Sealer:The glossy, color darkening qualities of the Polyaspartic 745 are not for everyone. If more of a natural finish is desired the concrete COUNTERTOP SEALER 880 is the best option. (If you prefer a water based version use the COUNTERTOP SEALER 770). Although it is a penetrating concrete sealer, it gives you time to clean up spills before they are able to penetrate into the concrete countertop, especially oily based substances. Use with a concrete countertop wax for additional stain resistance and protection.

Low Sheen Concrete Sealer:If you are looking for a sheen that is in between, the concrete COUNTERTOP SEALER 660 is a great alternative with its not too shiny, not too matte finish.

Polyaspartic 745

High gloss countertop coating

Countertop 660

Food safe concrete sealer

Countertop 880

Food safe concrete sealer

Countertop 770

Food safe concrete sealer

Published Tuesday 13th of October 2020 // Updated Wednesday 15th of August 2018

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