How to Remove Paint From Concrete

Before applying a Ghostshield concrete sealer, the surface must be free of all paint and surface coatings. Below are the instructions on how to remove paint from concrete.

  • Prepare the surface of the concrete by removing all debris and dirt. Use a brush or scraper to remove any loose paint from the concrete.
  • Depending on the type of paint you are trying to remove, apply a water-based or oil- based paint stripper to the concrete.
  • Follow the manufacturers instructions to see how long you need to leave the stripper on the concrete.
  • Use a wire brush or scraper to remove the newly loosened paint. A pressure washer can also be used on outdoor surfaces.
  • If paint is still on the surface a floor grinder or sandblaster may need to be used. Please note that using a floor grinder or sandblaster can remove the top layer of concrete resulting in surface damage.
  • Repeat the process if necessary. A few applications of paint stripper may be need to remove the paint from the concrete.
  • After all paint is removed, clean the surface with a power washer to remove all of the paint stripper and make sure the surface is dry before sealing the surface with a Ghostshield Concrete Sealer.

Published Friday 22nd of November 2013 // Updated Friday 5th of May 2017

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