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Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance can be defined as the ability of a surface to resist being worn away by rubbing or friction. Wearing occurs when a hard, rough surface slides across a softer surface causing the undesired removal of material from the surface. It may be classified in two different ways: wear and scuffing. These actions include the deterioration of material from a solid surface by the recurrent movement of another surface and the scraping of a surface.

How do you resist abrasion?

Abrasion resistance in concrete can be aided by the application of a concrete coating or concrete densifier. The primary way to do this is to increase the abrasion resistance of the floor making the surface less susceptible to scratching, scuffing and dusting. Strong concrete is more abrasion resistant than weak concrete. Abrasion resistant coatings act as a protective barrier to reduce friction and other physical damages and concrete densifiers chemically react to increase strength and hardness.

Concrete coatings act as a protective barrier to take the abuse

If left untreated abrasions will erode concrete over time resulting in premature deterioration and even corrosion. The ultimate goal of any coating system is to protect the concrete so it will not need to be replaced. But in order to control abrasions, the coating system must be able to withstand the stress of its environment without suffering premature failure itself. High wear coatings extend the service life of concrete floors because of their superior strength and impact resistance to resist exposure to fine and coarse particle abrasions, chemical attack, hydraulic fluids, acids, and corrosion. Concrete coatings that are hard, flexible and thick tend to be best at preventing abrasions. Concrete coatings systems consist of an epoxy primer and urethane topcoat. The combination of the two products provides excellent abrasion resistance to take all of the abuse so the concrete itself remains protected.

Densifiers strengthen concrete to make it stronger

A concrete densifier can be used to increase abrasion resistance, although not as efficient as a concrete coating, it helps to keep concrete’s original structure and look. A densifier is applied to a concrete floor to create a denser surface and increase its longevity. A concrete densifier is a liquid applied solution that penetrates the concrete to fill small porous holes and voids formed during the curing process. Densifiers harden the concrete near the surface wear layer and thus increases abrasion resistance.

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