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Chemical Resistance

If untreated, chemicals will degrade concrete. When chemicals are spilled on top concrete, the rate of the attack depends on the aggressiveness of the chemical. Highly concentrated solutions are generally more corrosive than those of a lower concentration. High temperatures also play a factor as they usually accelerate chemical attacks. Proper maintenance including schedule cleanings and immediate removal of spilled materials are a simple way to maximize the service life of concrete. But that may not be enough to adequately protect concrete from chemical spills.

There are two ways to mitigate chemical attacks: use a concrete coating system to protect concrete from chemical spills or modify the environment to reduce the amount of chemicals a floor will be exposed to. Since the second recommendation is usually not a suitable option, a concrete coating system is going to be the best means of resisting chemical attack.

Concrete coatings act as a protective barrier to take all the abuse

When exposed to aggressive chemicals, floors can deteriorate rapidly so a concrete coating system is the most effective solution to resist chemical attacks. A variety of surface protection options are available that can prevent deterioration of concrete floors in even the most aggressive environments. In addition to increasing the chemical resistance of concrete, concrete coatings increase abrasion resistance and impact resistance. They can also improve the appearance of the floor and make it easier to clean.

Choosing a Treatment

Concrete coatings systems are usually comprised of an epoxy primer coat and urethane topcoat. Epoxies are the most common chemical-resistant floor coatings since they bond strongly to concrete. Using a urethane in addition to an epoxy gives added protection to alkalis, moderate-strength acids, solvents and bleach.

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