Photo - Inhibits Corrosion

Iso-Tek 8511 is a dual-action, penetrating silane blended with amino alcohol technology to inhibit the electrochemical corrosion process between the steel (re-bar), chloride ions, oxygen and moisture within concrete. This chemical process dramatically reduces the rate of oxidation in contaminated concrete by forming a protective barrier on the surface of the reinforced steel. It reduces the rate of corrosion, inhibits rust and carbonization, while simultaneously protecting against the absorption of water-soluble deleterious materials.


  • Reduces High & Low Corrosion Rates
  • Reduces Chloride-Ion-Induced Corrosion
  • Forms a Protection Passivating Coating
  • Inhibits the Onset & Rate of Rebar Corrosion
  • Exceptional Waterproofing
8511 Concrete Sealer Bottle

Iso-Tek 8511

Corrosion Inhibitor

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