432 Park Avenue, NYC, sealed with Ghostshield Iso-Tek concrete sealer


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Winston Churchill wasn't wrong. With so much on the line, your project deserves proven protection that will preserve aesthetics. Iso-Tek sealers travel where others can't: deeper into high-density concrete, vertical or inverted surfaces—wherever concrete needs to maintain it's original beauty.

  • 550 Washington
  • 1245 Broadway
  • The Grove at Grand Bay
  • 550 Washington
  • 1245 Broadway
  • The Grove at Grand Bay
550 Washington, 1245 Broadway & The Grove at Grand Bay

Ghostshield Iso-Tek sealers penetrate, protect, and preserve concrete for years—ensuring integrity and beauty for the future.

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Hudson County Courthouse Frank J. Guarini Justice ComplexJersey City, NJ, Iso-Tek 8501
ASU Library ASU LibraryAlabama State University, Alabama, Iso-Tek 8501
Obama Presidential Center Obama Presidential CenterChicago, IL, Iso-Tek 8501
Grove at Grand Bay Grove at Grand BayCoconut Grove, FL, Iso-Tek 8501
Arthrex Headquarters Parking Deck Arthrex HQ Parking DeckNaples, FL, Siloxa-Tek 8510
Water Street 815 Water StreetTampa, FL, Iso-Tek 8501
432 Park Avenue 432 Park AvenueNew York, NY, Iso-Tek 8501





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